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This is the first piece of my mythological "series" called The 7th Gate. I plan to do six more but it'll be a slow progress. And I'm doing this for the sake of practice. (I know my work sucks, no need to point it out.)

Mike - Barghest
So I present you the first of my OCs: Mike, the Devil's Black Dog aka. Barghest.
This little girly-boy doesn't really looks like anything dangerous, huh? But he is.
First, he was in prison - well I'd rather call that place a laboratory. (See the numbers on his right arm? 21187851920) And he was picked out from that crowd by Ouroboros, one of the 7th Gate's guardians. He noticed the boy's powers and that he was the strongest among their "little rats" and he soon realised that Mike was one of the guardians as well. So he keeps the boy by his side (like his pet his partner).
Second, he's schizophrenic. He has an other personality - a quite sadistic at that. It's the beast that Ouroboros was intrested in when he pikced the boy up. After all, there's no way this cute guy could do anything cruel.
And third, he looks much younger than his age. And I tried to steal him but unfortunately Ouroboros caught me and nearly bit my head off. So I had to realise that I've no chance to have him... he's Ouroboros's possession.

The background is crappy and the colors are too. They're somewhat too light... BLEH. (And OMG blue and that gray-ish something together?! Blame Ouroboros he gave Mike the clothes, ok? XD)


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