Starlight The Magpie: Character Introduction. Picture


Name: Starlight.
Age: 21.
Gender: Female.
Species: English Magpie.
Hair color: Dark Blue-ish Gray.
Eye color: Silver Irises, Dark Gray Sclera.

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Can fly but can tire her out, talents consist in critiquing.
Weapon(s): Not a fighting character.
Birthplace: The Acorn Kingdom.
Previous towns: Varied.
Current town: N/A
Birth allegiance: A resident of The Acorn Kingdom. No royalty roles.

History: Starlight was born a young care-free girl, but often notices extreme details in images, pieces and nit-picks a lot with errors, when finally satisfied with herself Starlight often rewards herself in helping another. When younger, rewards would consist of simple strolls since she was a high admirer of nature, now however, consists of going home to eat and research online situations and see what she can do next to help others as well as herself investigate for the best of the future.

Personality: Starlight does admire some forms of girly attire, but she prefers to keep a smart and representative appearances, she is actually rather self-conscious about a huge flaw upon her chest since from a young age she has had a birthmark which is like a black splotch upon her pure white chest coat of fur, she disapproves of it and considers it a "flaw" of herself.

Strengths: Very critical, formal, calm alongside very good within research and intelligence.
Weaknesses: Lacks fun in her life in a lot of her days, worries too much about her "flaw" when alone, often can feel lonely.

Family: A mother who works in a small cafè and a father who is a freelancing painter.
Partner: She has no romantic partner, but a business partner by the name of Stephen Owl.
Friends/relationships: Friends consist of people within the work-place.

Likes: Researching, Urban legends and Mythology, artwork, books, mysteries, documentaries, documentary theater, classical music, some forms of popular music and cover artists, chocolate and many forms of food!

Dislikes: Romantic themed theater, immaturity within serious situations, very revealing clothing, a majority of people, those who believe they are either above the law or can get away with anything.

Fears: Blackmail.
Sayings: "One can try a million times, but without a guide you'll never get to the end."
Extra: Starlight does wear reading glasses, so she does have glasses on to read, however whenever out she often wears contacts or prevents bringing out the glasses.
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