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In the Middle Ages, the Great Demon Gorndaccon declared war on Earth's Dragon Realms. In the realm of Dragonia, the United Dragon Council called upon the aid of all their allies, regardless of their species, in order to repel this great menace.
Unfortunately, despite the great efforts the war was not going well at all for Dragonkind and their allies. Gorndaccon had created a dragon/demon hybrid, nicknamed 'The Furies' after the monsters of Greek Mythology. The Furies were red in colour with a spiky crest on their head, dragon-like wings, a line of spikes along their back, two arms with clawed hands (two fingers with a raptor-like claw on their thumb) and a tail with a three-pronged spike like a trident. Their powers were like that of normal demons but enhanced thanks to the dragon's DNA. Furthermore, they had other dragon abilities and an 'evolution' ability, allowing them to adapt to various powers and attacks, often meaning they have to be fought tooth and claw.
Although smaller then normal dragons, their speed, agility, powers and savagery make them deadly opponents. Furthermore, they would attack in swarms of hundreds of thousands, making fighting them one-on-one next to impossible. The creatures would act as backup support to the main demon armies, but also as the first offense depending on the mission.

Under the Furies relentless and devastating attacks, Dragonkind was been pushed back and losing ground fast against the deadly beasts, and the council was looking for every opportunity they had to tip the tide of the war before it was too late. It was at this point that Master Takeda (a human/dragon hybrid) and Archan'ra (a legendary xelziak warrior) approached the council with an idea - locate and awaken Tyrannagon!
Despite the skepticism, the council agreed they had no choice. After managing to locate the creature underwater, another human/dragon hybrid called Melindra was sent with a small xelziak force to awaken him. Using the same tune played by Concordia all those years ago, the crystal surrounding Tyrannagon's body shattered and the hybrid dinosaur rose once again.
Using telepathy to show what was happening, Tyrannagon agreed to help and was placed on the Dragon's front-line.
As news came of a village under mass demonic attack, Tyrannagon and a combined force of Dragons and Xelziak Warriors was dispatched. At first, Tyrannagon was left as backup while the dragons and their allies aided in the evacuation and battling of the demon army. As it looked like the dragons would score a victory, however, the sky turned red as millions of Furies emerged from the storm. It seemed hopeless that Tyrannagon could do any more then what the dragons themselves had done, but as the Hybrid Tyrannosaur answered the Furies challenge, what happened next shocked everyone.

Tyrannagon battled the Furies with unrelenting power, swiftly altering his tactics of battle to stop them from adapting and capitalizing. The beasts fell from the sky like flies, torn apart and with no mercy. In the space of 15 minutes, the ground was covered with the Furies blood and flesh, while the dragon armies, their allies and the thousands they had evacuated cheered. Suddenly, the furies' bodies turned to dark energy before floating into the sky. There, like the Grim Reaper descending on a forsaken soul, was the legendary King of the Furies.
The King Fury was much larger and black in colour, with three fingers on each hand and a larger raptor claw on his thumb, two tails instead of one and a large crest on his head. Its powers were stronger then the other furies and he would even attack and eat his smaller brethren. Thanks to absorbing the power of its millions of brethren, the beast roared its own challenge to the dragons, which Tyrannagon fearlessly answered it, and the two beasts began battle.
Tyrannagon was tired after fighting the millions of smaller furies, but the positive energy from his allies as they hope and prayed for his victory gave him a boost that rivaled the King of the Furies immense power boost. After several long minutes of bloodshed and violence, the lifeless body of the Furies' King fell to the war-torn ground as Tyrannagon, battered and bleeding himself, roared in triumph followed by the roars and cheers of his allies.

This victory came at a price. Tyrannagon was exhausted and badly injured with his left arm ripped off, some of his teeth and back spikes missing, blinded in his right eye and flesh barely hanging onto his body. Slowly, the dinosaur king trudged into the ocean to return home and enter hibernation while his body healed from the extensive damage. His destruction of the Furies, however, tipped the balance of power to Dragonkind, who with the help of their allies would win the war and imprison Gorndaccon. A statue of Tyrannagon was erected in Dragonia as a tribute to their ally, who was presumed dead after they were unable to locate him.


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Fury and King Fury made in Dragon Maker
Background made in Particle Illusion
Put together using Photoshop
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