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The power of the music.

Next story must be about Frank and Len, and Misery, who told it, hesitated a lot, must she tell things she know to Len, or it will be to hard for him. But then she thought, that she must do it, because she began to do it, and because young banshee hadn't talent to lie...

Several Years ago brothers -- musicians were two different young men. Between them were two years of difference... Frank and Len already were a music band, and they was popular on their town and wished to become more popular. Their rock- music was unusual, bright and calming the hearts.
Sphinx from The Union of higher magic forces get task to find voice defence for a new town. He new sounds, which can stop evil magic, but he didn't know how to make any musicians to play it. Most of people will be frightened, than mythological leaving thing will appear near them. One day he came to town, where Frank and Len lived and was surprised very much. Sphinx heard the music, which sounds almost as defence music! He saw Young brothers and supposed, that this people can understand him.
He guessed! Frank and Len were surprised, but they were even happy to saw him! Lion with the humans face concluded a treaty with them -- brothers will play his music and become more popular, and will help him than he will need it. Young men become friends with strange lion and even draw his face as their sign.
Ones their music plaid it's real role -- Igan tried to catch one human girl, who was related to Gloomsville, but the sound of band "RIP" appeared and stopped him. Their concert took place near the place, there this girl lived(and it was partly organised by Sphinx, of course). She escaped, but Igan understand who presents a danger for him. He hunted down musicians, and attacked them, than their car was near the precipice...
The car felt down and exploded, but no one find musicians bodies...
Sphinx applied rescuing magic. Now two brothers had a half of life- power, and he decided to unit them together, remaining as a tattoo for them on a chest. He was sorry, that he could not protect them before half-death. But now they were alive again, and they remembered their music and forgot their past. Of course, united Frank and Len were moved to Gloomsville.


(The events of this history are invented and never took place in “RG” world ))

All the characters of “Ruby Gloom” (c) Nelvana,
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