Flight Picture

As always... I continue to delve deep into the fantasy world. Another of my pixel compositions I did for a friend on Furcadia, wherein her character depicted that of a unipeg. One of my favorite mythological lores, I decided to compose the creature in flight admist a night sky with a cresent moon in bloom behind. There is a mist of serene as the creature wisks swiftly among darkened clouds, a proclimation of something pure.

Once again, done pixel by pixel. The wings were especially hard as I had to do random colors to enhance the wing definitation. Must have taken me four hrs on the wings alone. O.O;;; But in the long run, when placed with random colors, gives it a very textured look.

Medium: Base image composed in pencil. Colored in Furcadia's FSH editor. Time to complete: Six hrs.

Unipeg image © Keltic Dragon 2004
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