I'm still here -Leader's Crest- Picture

~Thumbnail totally butchers, so please full view! Even if it isn't a large pictue~

A scene from my original story, Leader's Crest. Of a scene in the Tundra, one of the most feared places in Fhanitica where Firdus comforts Talya, who has finally discovered that one of her most treasured friend and companions is no longer alive...

Still doubting if I should start posting the Leader's Crest chapters on Deviantart though. Anyone interested? It's a mix of fantasy, mythology, adventure, romance and perhaps a little horror.

Anyhow. A quick picture I whipped up in...2-3 hours? Used Opencanvas 1.1 for this one. I needed a reason to draw Talya once, because I never did that before. And Firdus, well, I just like drawing him and these two needed a picture together anyway
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