Sketch dump 51 Picture

Long time no sketch dump. I didn‘t have much time for sketching.
As usual, I’ll try to explain the sketches from top to bottom and left to right.

-A… dragon rabbit. Done at a drawing session in my favourite tavern, where I was suggested to do a „Drasi“ (blending of German „Drache“ and „Hasi“, which is „dragon“ and „little rabbit“). Done around Easter, obviously.
-Loki sketch. I mean, the mythological Loki (you have to add that nowadays). I ought to paint him someday.
-Save tavern and also done around Easter. A chubby dragon hatchling.
-Cupid’s love-making arrow. It sparkles. I felt like it.
-Still the same tavern. This time, an Einhörnchen. That’s a pun which only works in German, too. It’s a blending of „Einhorn“ and „Eichhörnchen“ (which means „unicorn“ and „squirrel“), so this thingy is the outcome. No, it’s not a Pokémon.

Fanart sillyness.
-Avengers Loki. He doesn’t need your attitude. He has his own. Let me tell you by the way that I utterly love and adore this movie in all its pointlessness and for being the funniest cinematic piece I’ve watched in some time. Apart from the fact that the music theme is awesome. So is Robert Downey jr. And most of all is Tom Hiddleston.
-10 years of Kingdom Hearts awesomeness. Sora approves. Yes I know I’m late. At least I realized the anniversary. Just in case you didn’t know, I adore this series to bits. How could I not. It‘s a freaking Final Fantasy-Disney crossover. Both of which happen to belong to my most ardently and passionately adored fandoms.
-More Kingdom Hearts awesomeness. Terra and Ven. Because I finally got to play Birth by Sleep. Yes, I’m horribly late. I love it nonetheless.
-Fran and Balthier from Final Fantasy XII with Fenris from Dragon Age 2. I know „same voice actor“ jokes are all old, but they’re so true. Fenris is Balthier’s and Fran’s lovechild! There’s no denying! I mean, if you combine human ears and bunny ears, you get elf ears. Very sensible. And Fenris has got daddy‘s voice and mommy’s magical fists! No need for lyrium!
-Speaking of silly voice actor jokes, Final Fantasy XIII-2 calls for it of course. Means, Liam O’Brien’s voice still gives me eargasms. THAT VOICE. I want a poster of it. Apart from that, his theme song is pretty epic. And obviously, real men still wear purple.
Thus, have crappy sketches of Noel, valkyrie Lightning and Caius. Admission: I like the game. The whole „plot“ is beyond logic and likewise are all the main characters’ actions, but it’s surprisingly much fun to play, nonetheless (except resolving anomalies, the clock thing freaks me out). I also like Noel. And I feel terribly sorry for him. I think leaving him behind was much worse of Caius then trying to destroy time and such. Seriously.

The rest of the sketch dump consists of OCs of mine. Including that-reunion-scene-that-never-takes-place and teen Lufi with a cup of… well, certainly not hot chocolate which I would have drunk in her place, but maybe hot milk with honey or something like that? She also likes to cook some kind of awful tea out of what grows in the place she‘s living in.
And there are also pointless portraits for a crossover project which [link] and me are working on. The elven warrior lady Lunaris entirely belongs to him.

By the way, it‘s amazing how I always get the height differences between my own characters wrong.
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