WCB SNK GAMES Athena Picture

For WCB August Art Theme King of Damsels SNK Gameswesterncivilization.trifecta3.… it is an old school game of Athena. While looking fro characters to draw I found her, the red bikini and purple sandals. It was too nice not to do.

Athena was the young, headstrong princess of the heavenly Kingdom of Victory. She was bored of the monotonous daily life in the palace and desired exciting adventures. One day, she opened the "Door Which Shouldn't Be Opened" in the basement of Castle Victory, said to lead to a savage and deadly place. As she dared cross the doorway, it caused her to fall from the skies and to another realm called Fantasy World, which was dominated by the evil Emperor Dante. After her flowing dress was lost while catching the wind for her fall, the perilous adventures of Princess Athena began as she landed in a wilderness overrun by beast-like warriors and more dangers than she could ever wish for. She readied to fight for her life and arm herself, with no other choice than to face the ruthless Dante and every obstacle on her way, to free this kingdom and make it back alive to her own.
After Athena defeats Dante, it all begins anew in the sequel, Athena: Full Throttle, in which the princess, again bored, opens the "Door Which Shouldn't Be Opened B", disregarding her loyal maid Helene's advice, and they both fall to Elysium World where they face off against other villains.
Many of the game's elements are inspired by Greek mythology or ancient Roman culture, such as weapons, equipment, items and enemy designs. Princess Athena herself is named after the Greek goddess Athena, while Dante is based on Cerberus.
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