Clean up duty Picture

Someone has to keep the Library neat and tidy - and let's not forget safe - whilst the Librarian is on leave. And someone also has to keep the atmosphere of the space going every last detail.


Amarathimi and Siltae were away for two weeks in Japan, and I just kind of turned that into something funny using the god-mode AU. XD (OH WOW I actually managed to get a short comic done)

And hey LOOK yes, here's a teaser for where I'm going to be using Corrugon heheheh. Until I can find a spot for him in a story he's going to be reused here. I've also changed his design to some degree; considerably fewer details and more roundish shapes. There's only two things that are needed to describe him: lazy and a big teenager. He either gives you the most half-boiled response, or he overreacts in a big tantrum. Vial enjoys pushing him out of his comfort zone, especially when he's 'busy' doing his crosswords and reading books all day. I'm currently writing how he comes into being to become Vial's minion, but as usual, the process is rather slow. I'm not really going to explain certain powers and properties happening here because you'll hopefully find out soon enough.

For those not aware; the god-mode AU is basically where the artists turn themselves into over-powered beings placed into a fictional, mythological space. In this case, Amarathimi is the deity of Fates (she writes about the future in a book) and owns a Library of history, and Siltae is the Dress Fairy, and being the former's sister, usually hangs out in said Library. Vial is my over-powered being, and the Manifestation of Abstraction (less of a deity) who visits Amarathimi frequently.

Vial and Corrugon are © ValkyrieLightDragon
Amarathimi and Siltae are respectively themselves...

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