Midgard - A Fantasy World Map Picture

So a while ago I saw this: cezl.files.wordpress.com/2011/… and, while I enjoyed the concept, I was quite miffed that the lands were all out of scale with each other. So I made my own. Sorry about the Mercator projection, the original maps would have to have been warped to fit in a better one.

Main Fandoms + Changes from Source Material

J.R.R Tolkien - Original maps come from Gondor. Rhûn is much smaller than the Gondorians believe. Beleriand sank due to rising sea levels after Arceus' Eden ended (see the pokémon section), leaving only the British Isles and Lindon above the waves. The British Isles are not on Gondorian maps because they don't know about them, since the elves of Lindon and the ainur don't talk about them as it was part of the land that Morgoth made his base and did evil things from. To them, the islands are accursed. It doesn't help that the Norse took over Britain and wiped out the 'forsaken'/mortal elves. The creation stories from The Silmarillion are myths. Hobbits are a subspecies of humans that evolved on the island of Balar around 40,000 years ago. Dwarves are a subspecies of neanderthals. Elves aren't naturally immortal. Eru Ilúvatar gave them that. The elves of Endor are also 20-40% human, due to interbreeding. Dwarves are similarly around 10-20% human, and a subspecies of neanderthal. The original elves were most reminiscent of the altmer of Tamriel. Forodwaith is divided into several kingdoms of the Norse, who would definitely be able to kick Mordor's arse... Sauron fears these men. Valinor was never the home of elves, it was first settled by humans and the population is still almost entirely human. No one is really sure where or when the ents came from. They are certainly daedric though.

The Elder Scrolls - Most of the lore about the Dawn and Merethic Eras are complete myths. The stars are really huge balls of plasma that undergo nuclear fusion to produce light and heat. There is no distinction between aedra and daedra, nor between Aetherius and Oblivion. The hist are daedric. Neither khajiit nor saxhleel are from Tamriel; khajiit are Chinese and saxhleel are from Australia. Akavir is contained within a plane of Oblivion. The high mammoths created the elder scrolls no more than two million years ago. Khajiit of Endor do not have separate morphs that are determined by the moons, that was Azura's doing. Likewise saxhleel that have had no contact with the hist, like those of Argonesia and Siam, are still sapient but resemble their monitor lizard relatives. The et'Ada are around seven thousand years old. Pyandonea was a landmass during Arceus' Eden. It has since been submerged, aside from a group of small atolls that look remarkably like the Maldives. The maormer all live in ships, and come together in floating 'cities'.

A Song of Ice and Fire - The rest of the world (Essos, Solthoryos, Ulthos, etc) are actually a plane of Oblivion that was created by R'hllor (the 'Lord of Light') in a strange experiment to see how long it would take the Westerosi to figure it out. The First Men did not come from Essos, rather they came from Atmora. The others are a daedric race and the children of the forest are descended from the now extinct sloths. The Seven and the Drowned God are actually figures from the Olympic pantheon. Westeros' 'seasons' are actually climatic shifts (the rest of the world has ordinary seasons) caused by the end of Arceus' Eden and the ridiculously enormous portal to Oblivion just off the coast. The dragons used by the Targaryens were originally created by R'hllor and were based off those made by Morgoth (the two daedric lords knew each other quite well and fought alongside each other against the pokémon), which in turn were modelled after dinosaur fossils.

Other Fandoms

Pokémon - The pokémon were the first daedric beings to be created. Japan (their homeland) was populated solely by khajiit. Arceus dominated the world for around 90,000 years (~100,000 - ~10,000 years ago) in what is called Arceus' Eden. It(?) made the world more homogeneous in climate and lowered sea levels (though not evenly), allowing animals from Endor to spread into Tamriel and Westeros. When Arceus' strength gave out, nature took over again.. And so the khajiit of the first Chinese Empire declared war on the pokémon. After years of fighting and several more regions joining in, the pokémon were driven into their plane of Oblivion (the world from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon). Arceus was banished atop Mount Coronet using an elder scroll by Olghis Khan, the first great general of Mongolia. The climate still hasn't fully recovered, especially in Westeros and Tamriel.

Harry Potter - Hogwarts is only 800 years old at this point, and was founded by Valinorese colonists as a refuge from the elven majority. The magic that Hogwarts teaches is not pure magic; the spells are in fact wand-assisted thu'ums, hence the lack of prevalence among the general population. These Latin spells are also nowhere near as powerful as those shouted in Dovahzul (the language of Akatosh's dragons) which was engineered for thu'uming. The British Isles are now inhabited by the Norse after a series of brutal conquests.

Greek/Roman Mythology + Camp Half-Blood - Greece and Italy are moved to southern Valinor under one nation state, Olympia. The Olympian pantheon (and the associated others) come from here. Eventually they took favour of Panem and Camp Half-Blood was set up on it's eastern coast. Olympian = a resident of Olympus (a plane of Oblivion). Olympean = a resident of Olympia. When Gaia rose again around 3,500 years ago, seven demigods banished her with an elder scroll.

Norse Mythology + How to Train Your Dragon - The dragons are daedric beings. Berk is one of the Faroe Islands. The other realms of Yggdrasill are planes of Oblivion. Asgard and Vanaheim are friendly towards Midgard, the others not so much... at least until the crushing defeats suffered by Jotunheim and Svartalfheim in their respective conflicts with the Midgardian Collective. The Norse range covers Scandinavia, Forodwaith, the British Isles, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland.

The Chronicles of Narnia - Aslan and Jadis (the White Witch) are daedric lords who were given Narnia as a gift for their help in the war against the pokémon. The talking animals are animals that were uplifted (given daedric souls) by Aslan and the other inhabitants (fawns, centaurs and the like) are Olympian species.

The Lion King - Aslan once visited a wild savannah in Far Harad and uplifted the mammals and birds there. A lion pride declared themselves to be the rulers of their new society.

Hunger Games - Panem, it's 13 districts, and the Capitol, exist in name and location only (though Valinor and Russia are more advanced than anyone else before the Great War - seeing as the series was based in the future). The events of the series would never happen in this universe. 'Panem' (coming from a Latin phrase) is a more fitting name than America since both it and the Valinorese/Olympean Empire that preceded it has/had Latin has its official language.

Important Points

The year this map is based is 4th Era 201 (Tamriel), Third Age 3016 (Western Endor), 297 After the Conquest (Westeros), 1339 Years of Empire (Valinor).

Endor really is an alternate canonical name for Middle-Earth. I figured it suited the name of a continent better.

The world was not created by a god. Arceus is only 100,000 years old. The major daedric groups were created by mortal peoples.

Any organism that did not evolve naturally or cannot theoretically trace its ancestry back at least 100,000 years (though all 3.something billion would be nice and complete) is known as a daedra, as it is a fitting term - Aldmeric for "not our ancestors". On the other hand, many in academia now refer to natural organisms as aedra - "ancestors".

Every multicellular organism has a soul. They absorb (plants) or create their own (animals and fungi) magical energy, magicka, which acts as a cellular binding agent. This creates a magical imprint of the organism which is released upon death. Several daedric lords recreate the organisms in their respective realms from these imprints. Non-sapient species have white souls while sapient species have black souls. Sapience is defined as possessing the ability to wield magicka. Midgard's star, Sol, produces a much higher amount of magicka than most other stars so most extraterrestrial lifeforms would have evolved without it, and so the arcane arts are purely a Midgardian (including daedric) skill. Midgard is the only planet to have produced daedra within the local arm of the galaxy. Midgard also has a much higher amount of tectonic activity, more extreme weather and variations in temperature, and higher gravity than most other worlds with spacefaring inhabitants (which may also be true of Earth). As such, the aliens that know of Midgard consider it a 'deathworld' and are terrified by the prospect of its inhabitants - who are generally much faster, stronger, and more durable than the galactic norm - ever breaching the light-speed barrier.

There are two moons; Masser and Secunda.

There are 11 extant aedric species with black souls, which are ordered here by time of first appearance...

The children of the forest are widely thought to be extinct and are called 'trekals' by the rest of the world for brevity's sake.

There are numerous other aedric species with '
blackening souls' such as the remaining great apes (chimpanzees, orangutans, and the Haradrim gorillas), elephants, woolly mammoths, mûmakil, ravens, parrots, many species of cetacean - particularly sperm and humpback whales and the bottlenose dolphin, and even some octopuses. In time, these species may eventually join the others.

Valar morghulis, even the daedra. Like the elves of Endor, some of the more powerful daedra are functionally immortal but they can be killed with enough dakka.

The elder scrolls are the most powerful objects that Midgard has access to. The gods themselves would rightly fear to tamper with them. For example they were used to send Alduin forward four millennia, Morgoth into intergalactic space, and Gaia straight into the core of Alpha Centauri A. Several of the legendary pok
émon were also bested by the scrolls, and the theories behind their initial creation suggest an even more powerful and ancient group of daedra may be lurking somewhere in Oblivion - "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."

Sauron is never destroyed in this fanon. On the 14th of Heartfire, 4E 204 (14th of March 3019 - just as the Battle of the Pelennor Fields was warming up) the daedric lord Yahweh declares complete dominion over Midgard and the Great War begins. Sauron receives the One Ring and becomes an indispensable ally. After the war ended six years later the Midgardian Collective was founded. Almost all daedric races either leave for Oblivion or Narnia and a new relationship is formed with the daedric lords. They no longer interfere in mortal physiology (though some cases, like the dunmer and orsimer, were already altered on a genetic level) and were no longer worshipped as gods. The Ainur (including Sauron), Olympians, Æsir (Asgardians), Vanir, et'Ada (even the likes of Molag Bal and Mehrunes Dagon), the ents, Aslan, Jadis, and R'hllor are all members of the Collective. The advanced technologies of Valinor and Russia are spread throughout the world (and the daedric allies) during the war, though Yahweh is ultimately defeated by the first kaiju: Gojira/Godzilla (created by the sea peoples: maormer, polynesians, and orca).

It is generally accepted by future historians that, had Yahweh not intervened, Sauron would have defeated Gondor and taken the western part of Endor. It is also accepted, even by Sauron himself, that he would have then been defeated by the Norse, who had already invaded Angmar in the months before the Great War began. Meanwhile in Tamriel, the Aldmeri Dominion would have declared another war against the Mede Empire and Hammerfell, and would eventually succeed in a genocide of the human race. This would prompt a war against Valinor in retaliation and everything would have gone to shit.

The subject of north and south can cause quite furious arguments. Those in Endor and Valinor would place the North Pole in the Arctic, and the South Pole in Atmora. Those in Westeros and Tamriel would reverse that. Some would declare both poles to be north, and the equator as a southern rim. West and east similarly have opposing definitions, but we're going with the Valinorese way.

On the other hand the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, as shown ingame in TES V: Skyrim; from Morrowind to High Rock.

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