Kaiju Wars: Kronos Picture

Many years ago, deep within the vast reaches of space, the mighty Kiliaak race traveled the universe. These creatures formed a ruthless militaristic society, and sought to conquer the galaxy until all was under their rule. They showed no mercy, and destroyed all who refused to submit to them. Their empire spread like a massive octopus, stretching its evil tentacles to the stars, always hungry for more.
Once, a warship, named “S’krit-ni-Vahk” which translates in our tongue as “Spear of Unending Conquest with Which to Dominate All Lesser Beings under Our Unstoppable Wrath against Which There Can Be No Resistance.”(Kiliaak is a very efficient language; their most advanced literature can be written on a napkin,) came upon an inhabited world. The planet was known as VinTahng, and was populated by a massive race known as the Tahng. The creatures were each nearly 20 meters tall. Their skin was green and scaled. Each sported 6 eyes, and 3 fingered hands. Their society was a peaceful one, tribal and primitive. Still, they worried the Kiliaak. Surely, such a large race could threaten their empire in the future. The commander of S’krit-ni-Vahk made the decision to exterminate them.
But, within the tribal society, there was an outcast. It was a male, fairly large, even for a Tahng. Long ago, he made a violent attempt to seize power, but was stopped. The male was stripped of everything, including his name, and cast out of the tribe. Hatred filled the heart of the beast, and when the Kiliaak came, he went to them and together they hatched a vile plan for revenge.
Deep within a laboratory aboard S’krit-ni-Vahk, the Tahng male underwent months of experimentation and genetic modification. The experiments were brutally painful. Once completed, the outcast was a completely different being. He now stood 90 meters tall, and possessed unparalleled strength. Driven by burning vengeance, and the need to please those who uplifted him, he lead the charge to eradicate the primitive Tahng race. Their stone weapons stood no chance against the Kiliaak technology. In time, VinTahng was barren of all intelligent life, and the S’krit-ni-Vahk left.

Afterwards, the genetically modified Tahng was named Warlord of the S’krit-ni-Vahk. He was second only to the High Commander of the ship, and truly reveled in his might. In time, the Voyage of S’krit-ni-Vahk brought it to an insignificant solar system, just eight planets and a star of average size. Unbeknownst to all, this would be the site of a turning point in galactic history.

The year was 2007. The countries of Earth were in conflict. Those that did not openly fight, squabbled amongst themselves like children. It was such a shockingly primitive society, that they were still under the impression that digital watches were a pretty neat idea. Little did they know, they were being watched.
Far off, the warship, S’krit-ni-Vahk, studied humanity. Learning of their culture, their language and their way of life, the Kiliaak prepared themselves.
The winter solstice of 2007 was a day that will not be forgotten. On that day, the Warlord of S’krit-ni-Vahk came to Earth.
He touched down in New York city, and spoke with an amplified voice that played from every electronic device on the planet.
“People of Earth!” the beast’s accent was unlike any on the planet, “I am called Kronos, and I come bearing a message from the mighty Kiliaak Empire.” The warlord had named himself this, after studying the mythology of Earth. “Ours is a mighty empire that spans the Galaxy! And we come, extending the honor of joining us as I have!” Across the world, humans listened and watched in awe at the videos of the kaiju, taken by local news. Kronos continued speaking.
“Should you join us, Humanity will be launched forward to a new age of technology! And you will take your place as the servants of the Kiliaak. It is the natural order of things, for the weak to serve the strong, and humanity must take their role. Should you refuse, your pathetic race will be destroyed! The Kiliaak show no mercy, and take no prisoners. You will either join us in the stars, or be crushed beneath our heels! The choice-“ Kronos cut off.
Behind the warlord, rising from the water, was Leviathan. Since the incident at Vladivostok, the great shark had not been seen. Now, having heard Kronos’ threats, Leviathan rose to defend his Earth, and expel the evil alien.
Kronos turned to face Leviathan, muscles tensing with anticipation, “What is this?” he said, “it has been long since I have seen any living thing matching my size!” Leviathan glared back, eyes burning with a furious light. The device on his chest glowed, and Leviathan’s robotic voice spoke.
“To the humans, I am called Leviathan. This earth is my home, and I have taken it upon myself to defend it. I will not allow a monster like you to harm it!” The threat hung in the air as the people of the world held their breath. Kronos was stunned. No creature had ever spoken to him like this before. Even the High Commander of the Kiliaak would not insult or threaten him like this. And now, some creature on this pathetic planet dared? Kronos would not stand for it.
“And what will you do?” Kronos sneered, “will a single creature like you halt the unstoppable force of the Kiliaak emp-“ Kronos was cut off by a swift punch to the mouth. Leviathan raised his fists again, backed up, and roared in challenge, speaking again, “You will not hurt these people. I will atone for my past, and defend Earth with my life!”
Kronos rotated the stricken mandible, testing for injury. His six eyes focused on Leviathan. He glowered for a moment, and then let out a booming laugh.
“You will defend the people? It appears I underestimated you, beast!” the ceremonial fan on Kronos’ shoulders lifted and shook, as if his very armor was shaking with rage at the creature before him. “I can tell now that you would never join me, so I won’t ask. All I can do is grant you a swift death!”
Kronos lunged forward, swinging his fists downward. Leviathan ducked out of the way. As the bulky alien turned to face his foe, he was met with a beam of energy from Leviathan. The beam knocked Kronos to the ground, and Leviathan again backed off, staying cautious as Kronos stood. This time, Kronos lashed forth with claws extended. Leviathan could not dodge this time, and Kronos’ claws gripped his neck. Laughing, Kronos jabbed powerfully at Leviathan’s stomach three times. Leviathan roared in pain, as Kronos punched again, knocking him backwards and through a building. Before he could stand again, Kronos was upon him once more. Grabbing his face, Kronos’ claws dug into Leviathan’s flesh. These cuts would scar Leviathan’s face for as long as he lived. Kronos pulled Leviathan to the ground, dragged his face through the rubble on the ground, and threw Leviathan again.
Leviathan was hurt, badly, but as Kronos came close again, he felt insurmountable energy building up inside him. Kronos raised his foot to stomp down on Leviathan. Suddenly, a wave of green energy erupted from the backs of his hands. It formed a shield that stopped Kronos’ foot, causing Kronos to stumble. Leviathan rocketed up, grabbed Kronos and lifted him bodily into the air. Kronos struggled, but before he could break free, Leviathan threw him into the ocean. Before Kronos could break the surface, Leviathan dived in after him.
Beneath the waves, Leviathan clawed and bit Kronos. The monstrous alien could do nothing to defend himself, for Leviathan was truly in his element. As Kronos’ black blood filled the harbor, a red light filled leviathan’s vision. Just as Leviathan’s teeth were about to close on Kronos’ throat, the massive kaiju disappeared, teleported back aboard the Kiliaak Warship

NAME: Kronos
HEIGHT: 90 meters
WEIGHT: 55,000 tons

POWERS and ABILITIES: Kronos is monstrously strong. He becomes a whirlwind of power in a fight. His strength and resolve are unmatched. He can speak, and is more intelligent than the average human. He is the warlord of the Kiliaak invasion force on Earth, and commands their soldiers with an iron fist.

WEAKNESS: Kronos’ main weakness is the same as the titan for which he named himself. He is proud to the point of arrogance, as demonstrated by his defeat at the hand of Leviathan. He is often underestimating his opponents. As well as this, Kronos is fairly slow in a fight, and focuses of strength rather than agility.


{here we have the biggest baddie in the series. this guy is the main antagonist of the story. I really like how the design came out. for this, I sought to make his armor as much ceremonial as functional. his appearance is meant to strike fear into the hearts of his foe, as well as courage in his allies. also, a little note on grammar. Kiliaak is both a singular and a plural. you can see one kiliaak, or 100 kiliaak. it's the same word. if anyone can spot the reference to "the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy" you get a cookie. enjoy!}

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