Skin Deep fun Picture

I thought that I'd be something from finnish mythology, but found out its hard to find descriptions of how they look. Kapeets (single one is kave) were spirits that made the different phases of moon. They are sometimes mentionned as maidens and sometimes there is talk about birds. I desided on a bird of dark silver with human head.

I quess the bird(brain) took hold of some of the answers, actually I do not much care for spiders. And I do not want a bugbearhug, I need all my organs in their right places. Kave would just get lost in the fur and I'd think it does not mind the darkness.

I am sure Tony will not be Kinnara, because they usually are pictured with human arms and wings are on their hips. But I happened to find this picture with feathered arms and so I used it.

Also I have weird sense of humour and I was sure Tony would just love all those swirls and curls on kinnaras design... not.

I like Ikes whiskers.

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