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Touched by a God.

It arrived that day, it was a small international enveloped that he wasn’t expected. The mail was comes from a distant country of Chile, once open it Ryan found a letter and some Magic: The gathering card, he was a bit surprised for the gift, he haven’t played magic in years so he didn’t thought he was gonna get something like that when he asked to Felipe to surprise him when his friend wanted to give him a gift, even if the card weren’t useful for him, there were something on them that make them Special.

All the card were from the last expansion, and for what he could see it was one that had their story based on Greek Mythology as the art and flavor text of all the cards he received were related to be only Minotaur. He looked a peak on the cards, until he arrived to one that have quite a special look. –“Mogis, God of Slaughter? Haha. They have Gods now? And it’s a minotaur? Man this is MY god I’d worship without problems!”- He laughed as he look at the card, not prepared to what it was coming, the eyes of the Minotaur starting to glow and he started to feel cold, there were a unnerving felling that didn’t let him feel peaceful at all. The room starting to get dark, like if a deep mist suddenly get inside the house, he looked around while holding the envelope on his grip, -“What is going on here? I haven’t get a drink yet!-” everything was getting blurry, the walls, ceiling and floor of the room were replaced by nothing, anywhere he look he just saw galaxies, he felt like if his body was laying on nothing, unable to move due the panic he started to heard a voice that whisper to his ears –“Worship me, Be my Legacy, bring the destruction to the humans, bring the blood and make this world to cover on crimson and fear”- Ryan get paralyzed when from a flash that comes from the card he as holding blinding him.

Once he manage to recover his sight, he get frozen as in front of him a vividly representation of the card creature was floating in front of him. With a intimidating red eyes what he saw were a illusion lift a hand, something on his head make him wish he would threw the card away, but he was blocked by fear, the big minotaur put a big finger over his forehead, causing to Ryan feel a burning felling. –“Obey, Worship, Destroy”- He was unable to take those words out of his head as the Minotaur pushed more his finger against his forehead, he saw in horror how, something that looked like a serpentine creature made of starts flow from inside the finger and into his forehead, Causing flashes to erupt from his forehead an cause spastic movement on his muscles an all around his body he feel how his clothes were starting to feel tighty, his shoulder and neck were starting to get wider as the whisper keep getting on his head, unable to look down he feel how his shoes erupted in place, his toes felling numb. His feet, arms and back felling itchy as those parts starting to get covered by a thick coat of fur. His heart starting to beat more powerful as his chest swell bigger, muscular, he felt how the hot blood starting to spread in his inside. His pants rips unable to keep the growing muscular mass, Ryan head starting to feel numb and all his thought get replaced by an unnatural Rage, in special towards his former race. His fingers starting to recover his movement, as he flexes them, snorting and releasing a deep breathe from his expanding face. The Minotaur that caused all of this vanished physically but not his voice that keep resounding on the infinitum space. Claiming that he was the Champion he decided to us to fight the other gods. Ryan starting to shake his head in negation, as huge horns grew from it. His human voice was starting to get silent by rage thoughts, and the adrenaline and power that were running on his veins.

The surrounding starting to vanish, the hoofs gripped tightly against what seems to be a rocky ground, the infinite galaxies vanished from sight, replaced for a battlefield. Human were fighting against a horde of Minotaur, Ryan confused looked around, he don’t want to do it, he was a human, he was a Minotaur, he… He close his eyes as a Minotaur crack the skull of a human close him, causing blood to drip over his face. Ryan eyes glow and his muscles tenses, he pick whatever he have on the ground, and trample toward the human hordes, Havok, Mayhem, destruction, Blood, he need more blood.
I always have being fan of Magic The Gathering. So doing this commission was quite extra fun. AS well it's a progress to move toward more muscular work (Something that i really don't do much) Hope you like the drawing man, an thanks you very much fo your support!

Mogis, God of Slaugther (r) Wizards of the Coast
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