Norse Paganism Picture

"Norse Paganism is not meant to be abused by racists. The Norse Gods do not hate people of color nor would they ever. However, the do seem to dislike cowards. Take your racism and get the fuck out."

I've either been sheltered during my time in the MySpace chatrooms, Gaia and other places but I never realized that racists would be into Norse Pagans or rather would be considered as such in recent years. That and I never encountered such.

Until I went to tumblr.

I have probably the worst understanding of Norse Paganism and Norse Mythology ever but I have a feeling that the Norse Gods wouldn't have given a shit about the color of someone's skin. And while this is my UPG (unverified personal gnosis) but I see that they and other Gods would change their appearance to match whoever appeared before them. So they weren't always white. And that's how I view all of the Gods. That they can change their appearance to however their practitioner wants them to look to make them feel a little more comfortable with being greeted by a God.

But what I do know is that they didn't like cowards all too much. And I view racists as cowards.
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