Sailor Moon redesigned - PSSS contest entry Picture

Here is my entry for the second round of theNekk‘s PSSSS contest (the link to the journal :… ).
The goal was to redesign Sailor Moon so she would be consistent with my previous senshi duo (….

I’ve did some digging into the moon goddesses of Greek and Roman mythologies (I used them to create the characters of Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pandora) I have discovered that the Roman goddess “Luna” is equated to three different Greek goddesses: Selene, Hekate and Artemis. Each of them represents a different realm and is connected to different moon phases, also carries different weapon. So Selene represents the heavenly element, is connected to full moon and carries a torch (is often portrayed in an oxen cart, but I decided not to draw it), Artemis represents the earthly element, is connected to waxing moon and carries a bow and Hekate represents the underworld element, is connected to new moon and carries a trumpet. I decided to include this triple split into my character. When designing her outfit I also used description of the three goddesses – the ideal of veil, sandals or horns (skipped the oxen though). If you want to know more, visit:


This is Sailor Moon aka Yoruno Tsukuyumi (could be translated into ‘the Nightly God of the Moon’)

Some background:

In the Old Solar Kingdom she was the Queen of the Solar Kingdom. Her rule was mainly peaceful and she seldom used her senshi powers. As a queen, she carried the Lunar Torch with the Moon Cristal floating in its light, serving as her scepter. She also wore a crown.

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