Vali Picture

Vali the norse god of revenge. In norse mythology him and his brother are turned into wolves after their father, Loki, is hunted down for the murder of Baldr. Vali kills his brother and his entrails are used to tie Loki to a stone, where a snake is placed above him so that the venom dips down onto him. Cool huh?
Ive wanted to do this for ages but only just got around to it. To understand this picture you first have know how i see the difference between revenge and justice. Justice is when every one gets what they deserve, whether it be the bad being punished or the good being rewarded. Revenge, however, is fueled by hatred and anger, and is based on the person inflicting pain, embarrasment, sorrow, grief or suffering on another for their own pleasure. So the reason i made vali part skeleton was to make him look more sinister. Because to me vali is what influnces us to want revenge, even if it isnt rational and we know its not right, because he finds it amusing. In this picture he is smiling as he walks away from where he just caused some one to avenge some thing.
Making this was heaps of fun. The head, neck and the rest of the horse were all from seperate horses

back ground
lion tail
grey texture
pattern texture
horse/s & horn-unknown
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