Ki-Lin Picture

The longest time I've ever spent time on a project, outside of school. Rather fun and frustrating at the same time. xD
But a good piece for my portfolio.

It's a Ki-Lin, a mythical being from asia, who is born from the core of the earth and lives behind the clouds. It's colors exist out of the holy colors, red, blue, yellow, black and white.

I first came across this animal when I was 10 or so, in a mythologybook. And last week I bought an mythology image collection book, wherein several Ki-Lins were printed. I had to draw it then. Myths say it has the body of a deer, but I din't like it, too short legs, so I used the body of a horse instead. A bit more meat on it.

and I have no idea where to place this with the rather confusing categories. so forgive me if it's wrong. @[email protected]

made in photoshop
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