Mohiniyattam Picture

This most beautiful Indian Classical dance form started in Kerala, India. This dance is a dedication to Lord Vishnu of Hindu Mythology to honor the time he disguised himself a exquisite young maiden, Mohini, to lure the demons away from Nectar of Immortality. He is said to have danced with all the feminine graces perfectly and protected the Gods hold over time. Mohiniyattam was restricted to women only a hundred years ago. It is still female-dominated today due to it's highly sensuous nature. Men have braved the artform, however, and I commend them since type of dance expression is not easy for men to pick up. Mohiniyattam literally means "dance of the enchantress." The artform is known for the white and gold skirt costumes and the distinctive high bun placed on the side of the head: which give the impression to the viewer that she is always softly cocking her head to the side in a coy gesture.
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