Dark Elf Picture

Like every self-respecting Tolkien nut, I also dabbled in world building at one point. It was pretty standard stuff: elves, goblins, orcs, dwarves, what have you. Most of it was very superficial and involved very little visualization. One race, however, stood out, with distinct aesthetics and glimpses of an original culture that changed throughout the centuries. These were the dark elves, and this is how I pictured them towards the end of their "Bronze Age".

If I had a model, it wasn't the svartálfar of Norse mythology, and it certainly wasn't the Moriquendi of Middle-earth. I knew nothing about Warcraft, TES or D&D dark elves. I would have to say the biggest influence was probably Age of Wonders.

Aight, I'll stop nerding up the place now.
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