The Pharaoh and his Djinn Picture

John Gaunt from the Children of The Lamp series and Carter Kane from the chronicles of Kane series.

John had never trusted Pharaoh's, the last one he had run into was best known for capturing and imprisoning seventy Djinn as well as try and reform the Egyptian religions. Needless to say, his experience with them was not why should this modern Pharaoh be any different from the others? Carter is fascinated by the other, having only heard of Djinn and the like from old stories his father used to tell him or the Genie's in the book "1,000 Arabian Nights". Now that their seems to be a some rogue Djinn out for revenge, and Carter and John must team up to seal this creature away...However, they didn't expect to grow...feelings for each other.

Is this a crack ship? You bet it is XD, and its a crossover as well of two awesome series....

Anyway, John is wearing an Arabian style outfit. I thought that would be fitting for him because Djinn/Genie's mythology and stories take place in the middle east, and started there actually.

Carter is wearing Pharaoh style garb since he has become the new Pharaoh of the House of Life.

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