Her Chaos Picture

My two original gods from the big world inside my head.

The woman is called Dark Mother, the man is Father Chaos.

Here comes the complicated explanation:

In the begining, there was nothing but a raw power, liquid, restless, looking like a neverending red ocean. That is the Ocean of Chaos.
It's situated somewhere in a place that's close enough but so far away we can't actually reach it.
Once, the times of change came and the Ocean of Chaos was forced to create another shape of its, a shape that was formed by the beliefs of creatures affected by time, creatures that were unable to accept the raw power by itself.
And so, the Father of Chaos arose from the bloody red waves, a god of original creation, raw power and infinity.

After the act of creation there naturally comes an act of destruction, so some time after that the Dark Mother was born. She's the godess of destruction, cruelty, wrath and envy.

They truly love each other, their bond is strong. And yet, when their first daughter was born, Dark Mother couldn't control the wrath caused by the jealousy of the close relationship bethween the father and the child and in the moment of an utter rage, she tore the heart out of her daughter's chest.
Father Chaos managed to save the girl by creating a special crystal heart for her.
And the dark mother was punished. He cast her away and at the same time didn't leave her. He imprisoned her in the Ocean of Chaos, that is him. She's standing there, majority of her legs merged with the ocean, waiting and plotting a plan to escape and avenge on her daughters.
Because then she could have Father Chaos all for herself.

It's cruel and somehow exagerrated... as many other mythologies XD; These are the primal gods, raw, instinctive and extremely powerful. They can't be controlled, you can't control the ocean.


I've shaded Dark Mother in PS to make her stand out a bit. On the other hand, Father chaos is a bit merged with the bg, since he IS the bg. It's her ocean of power, stars, ocean she loves.
Well, actually, Dark Mother tore her own heart out of anger after the confrontation with Father Chaos, so there's a deep wound on her bare chest with black blood coming out of it. I made her from this side on purpose, so the pic wouldn't be accused of being too cruel and wouldn't need a mature content filter XD
And yes, she has black eyes and those are black tears she's crying. And Father Chaos really has no eyes.

(older pics of those two: [link] and [link] )

traditional lineart, screentones in comicworks (my second attempt with that program XD; ) and CG shading in PS

huhuuu, I want to participate with this in a contest held by `Dianae XD;
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