Arin Picture

Making some new characters for a rp!

This is Arin. He comes from a world where fairytale worlds and creatures are real, but twisted into bizarre and monstrous versions of their mythological counterpart, where vampires stab you with their giant noses and fairies suck the fluids from your eyeballs.

Being an elf, he in close touch with nature and has a natural talent working with animals, traveling the world on his noble steed, Elena the earthworm. An adventurer at heart, he loves exploring and discovering new places, meeting new people and finding new things to see, to a fault as this often gets him into dangerous situations.

More than a little naive, Arin will not understand anything not spelled out to him. Innuendo and flirting will most likely always go over his head, as will indirect threats and warnings.

He refuses to wear pants, finding dresses a lot more comfortable.
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