Now, Die ... Picture


Something super fast.

Sariel is one of my favorite Touhou characters, even though Sariel only showed up in Highly Responsive To Prayers.

Since Sariel's color scheme is white and blue, I did my best to stick to that for the coloring. the lineart got lightened up considerably for normal with me, the skin's a very pale flesh tone, and the hair's shading was grey-blue.

Now, I'm going to say this straight out.

I always envisioned Sariel as a male.

Because dammit, Touhou needs a few more Y-Chromosomes in the place! The sprite is ambiguous enough to be either gender, if you think about it (angels are always drawn with those long flowy robes, both male and female, so an overrobe instead of a blue dress, mayhap?) That and Sariel is traditionally male, but I digress ...

I'll probably do better art of him in the future ...

Sariel (C) ... well, this design to
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