Valhalla Picture

Hello'W people, or goodevenight..

Well, so I'am go to College, just tomorow the 5 september. xD
Just tell you that I'm gonna submits others type of fanart, not juste gif & captures.

And I forget, the renders !

In reality this post was on a gif of Noctis, this time make by me !
But Devienart look like it bug, So I begun anew post.

The picture is take from this : [link]
I've just chand on my mind.

The place, called Valhalla is "The Invisible World", where Lightning is suppose to be after the Episode i.
I don't know for you but, this all is really inspired with the Norse mythology. Don't really apreciate it.

Erf, see it !! Lightning is only became a sex symbole !!

Even if she's more beauty in her atwork, the producters say her peronnality will be different. We can really see and say that !
But I'think she's not really so strong, not so musclar, just very good feminine but not the seen, who really make Lightning a strong woman !

HS : I just love the screenshot of her and Mysterious Rival, Lightning's hair look more natural and not professional !

And at last, do you not think that the graphisme look more like that :

But in a very ameliored version?

Noel is come from the future.. Hell Yeah, Terminator !
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