AskTwinks: Elements ASSEMBLE! Picture

P.S. Guys: This is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE so instead of Twilight and her friends being the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, Twink and her friends are the bearers of the elements instead. So here's some info on her and her friends!

Name: Affection Reflection
Species: Pegasus
Element of Harmony: Kindness
Likes: art, mythology, talking to her friends, baking, cats, writing, simplicity, chocolate
Dislikes: sewing, math, excessive attention, foalsitting, skirts/dresses, boredom
Friendship with Twinkle: She's sorta like the big sister of the group.

Name: Callicarpa 'Calli', called Berri by Star Splatter
Species: Pegasus
Element of Harmony: Laughter
Likes: Drawing, messing with people's heads, sleeping, teasing Twink about 'Candy Cane' aka Flim
Dislikes: Actually working, the thought of working, having to work in group projects, her family trying to force her to earn her talent for their jam farm.
Friendship with Twinkle: She's basically the bad influence on Twink's part. If it weren't for Affection, Calli and Twink would either be at each others throats or be barely friends in the first place. She loves trying to play matchmaker with her friends (Though she prefers the title, shipper) but LOVES to match Twink up with Flim the most which often leads her to teasing Twink about it.

Name: Star Splatter
Species: Earth Pony
Element of Harmony: Honesty
Likes: Logging Mills(her best friend who she has a crush on), starbursts, drawing, reading, fact spewing
Dislikes: Dolphins (Or as she prefers to call them, sea rapists), spindly spiders, heights
Friendship with Twinkle: Sort of the mentor type, willing to give Twink a helping hoof with her art. Twink often likes to pipe up and suggest something that the two can do together, like painting. In fact, on more than one occasion Star has helped Twink on her street works by giving her own input and ideas.

Name: Sincere Silhouette
Species: Unicorn
Element of Harmony: Magic
Likes: Bringing magic into other ponies lives, observing the ponies and things around her, sweet things
Dislikes: Crowds, rejection, getting a reputation for being something she's not, misunderstandings
Friendship with Twinkle: She basically has a big sister/little sister relationship with Twink. But even though Twink is the oldest of the two, Sincere is slightly more mature.

Name: Sugar Shell
Species: Earth Pony (Or as far as Twink knows)
Element of Harmony: Generosity
Likes: Cats, drawing, writing, music, Doctor Who(oves in this case), rain, cinnamon tea, the Internet, swimming, night time
Dislikes: Insects, some pop music, the dark (ironic), anything in clusters, fungi, r34
Friendship with Twinkle: Even though she's one of Twink's newest friends Twink loves her just as much as the rest of the group. Though she keeps a small secret from the rest of the girls, Twink feels the need to know it.

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