Inu-Gami Concept Picture

I would LIKE to make a game with the creatures of Hisakousen, don't think it will ever happen. but this is the concept for the Inu-gami in the story. So this is like MOCK game art haha.


One method for creating an inu-gami, it is said, is to tie a hungry dog and place a bowl of food just
out of its reach. When its desire is thus focused, its head must be cut off and enshrined, moving its ravenous
needs into the spirit world and creating a terrible weapon for the dog's former master.

An inu-gami that goes bad or gets out of its master's control is difficult to get rid of. Those who try to
abandon it on isolated islands have still found themselves carrying the creature's curse. Only a powerful
sorceror or witch doctor can quell the inu-gami's bloodthirst, and cure the unfortunate bystanders made
sick by the dog-ghost's possession.

From: [link]

I love working off of creatures that don't really have a set description. I couldn't pass this up.

So yes, the head is severed. The candles are from the shrine the dogs head would have been kept in. (not sure if they would use candles...but I though it looked cool )

And yes these are the "baddies", they're just mooks though. they don't speak, they just take orders from Hidenori
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