Cameron Noelani Picture

Name: Cameron Noelani
Age: Appears seventeen.
Sex: Male
Birthday: September 1st ; Virgo
Height: 5' 8"

Species: Sylph
Primary Power: Control over air currents.
Secondary Power(s): Flight via hovering/floating.

Originally from: Los Angeles, California
House/Dorm: Terrestial Terrace

Personality: Cameron is quite shy. Growing up as he did, he didn't interact with many kids his own age, just mostly adults. He usually keeps to himself, but will talk to people given the chance. Though these conversations will usually turn sour, as Cameron has strong beliefs. Many of which contradict what's considered 'normal' by the other students.

Cameron is very studious. He works very hard to achieve the high marks he gets in all of his classes. He dislikes being paired with lazy people on projects, and will openly tell the teachers that he did all of the work on the project. As far as he's concerned, if you don't try, you don't deserve anything.

He has a habit of being snippy with people when they get on his nerves, though he keeps a cool head and never gets worked up during an argument. He'll win the argument, and he'll do it without making ass of himself. His favourite place to be is outside, as he dislikes loud noises, or the constant chatter of hallways, classrooms, and dormitories.

Background: Cameron is the son of a royal sylph family, and the only son. The family moved to LA when Cameron was very young, hoping to modernize and bring themselves into the 21st century. They bought a large home in the city and settled in quickly with their servants and various workers. As his parents were fully grown adults, the pollution in the air had no effect on them. However, Cameron, quite vulnerable at his young age, was slowly being visibly effected. His stark white hair soon turned a green-ish colour, and his once bright blue eyes turned to browns and greens.

Cameron had grown quite sick after a short amount of time. His breathing became quite laboured when he played with other kids, and at times, he would collapse.

His parents took him to many doctors, and at one point in time, took him overseas to see a doctor within the sylph race. No one seemed to understand what was wrong with him, though while they were overseas, Cameron began to feel better. His parents assumed the sickness had gone, and took him back home to LA, but within days it had returned.

Cameron began missing school more and more often, stuck in bed with horrible coughing fits, to the point where he'd cough up blood. And the sickness did nothing but get worse as he grew up.

His parents finally caught on that perhaps it was the pollution in the air in LA that had caused their son to get so sick, and fearing that it could kill him soon, they searched for schools overseas. Schools that would accept a sylph, and a sick one at that, and found Arcadium. They enrolled him immediately, and within days Cameron was on campus.

Cameron has felt quite abandoned since coming to the school. He's always been very attached to his parents, being an only child, and misses them every day. He has no friends to speak of, apart from a few acquaintances he's met through his classes. A lot of the students in his classes are afraid of him, because he's so sensitive now that even pronouncing certain sounds can cause him to start coughing to the point of bringing up blood. And if he's not outside somewhere hidden, he's in his room, staring at his crown and wishing he could just get better and go home.

Class Schedule:

Spring: Writing and Literature, Biology, Basic Wind Manipulation, Mythology and Lore 101, and Advanced Music Theory: Expressions of the Mortal and Immortal World.

Fall: Geography, History of the Mortal World, Weather Forecasting: Knowing Your Weakness, Circle of Life: The World's Balance, and Photography.


I have wanted a sylph for goddamn ever. I was gonna make one of my old OCs, Sobriquet, into one, but he shares a last name with Ayden, sooo. XD

I made Cameron instead.
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