Phoros Picture


Length: 650 meters
Mass: 185,000 metric tons

Homeworld: Aquaros

Quadrant Activity: J’iud galaxy system

Threat Level: Planetary

Containment Procedure/Method: Little data has been confirmed to insinuate proper procedure when dealing with Phoros. Once properly accessed; authorization of lethal force has been deemed acceptable.

Warning: Phoros body produces a near constant emission of nerve toxin as a chemical defense. Proceed with caution


Moving silently through the oceans of Aquaros, a planet known simply as a water world; exists a creature of terrifying proportion. A monster who stands out among the other terrifyingly gigantic species thanks to its unchecked power and belligerence. A creature of living legends, the all powerful tenacious being known as Phoros.

There is no official evidence of where Phoros truly originated from. Though it is believed that the behemoth was birthed from the toxic pollutants that originate from the ancient cities of yesteryear, which has since lain in ruins from some unknown catastrophic event. The past civilizations of Aquaros have largely remained a mystery to its most recent societies and any scientific archeological expeditions ever mounted to discover more about their past has largely been met with aggression by Phoros. Phoros has made his dwelling within most of the cities still standing beneath the tides and whenever he feels it necessary, departs from one to the other dependant on torrential patterns or for food. Due to his protective attitude towards these wastelands, Phoros has become apart of the history of the planet new culture and is deemed as not only a great driver of the oceans bounty, but also as a form of punishment.

Phoros has risen to mythological standings among the native inhabitants and is seen as the living embodiment of their ancestor’s mistakes. Capable of decimating the sea with powerful pollutants that he constantly produces and having a complete disregard for anything around him (including his own environment); Phoros causes massive damage and casualties wherever he goes. He is a devastating adversary and the many acts made to quell him have only left the sea ravaged with pain and misery.

There is nothing known on the planet that has challenged Phoros and lived and those who try find that there is much more lurking within the precipices of his soulless gaze.

- Powerful jaws can deliver bites with crushing force, saliva filled with harmful bacteria
- Can discharge a powerful toxin from body’s excess bioelectricity which affects the nervous systems of most species, causing them to shut down
-Prehensile tail
- Immunity to all forms of toxins and poisons
- Large body used to ram and thrash opponents
- Can swim with surprising speed for short bursts of time

Main Storyline - The Terror of Phoros

The Children of Angelus were once again on the move. Angelus had already entered hyperspace and was traversing through the galaxy at faster than light speed. The crew was well prepared to inspect the next life processing planetoid Angelus had chosen among the thousands of others within the Universe and most had become intrigued as to amount of hostile activity on most of the planets she had chosen. Luke, who had become a very well educated engineer on the ship, had found most of his time working on the ship from general maintenance to advanced spatial aeronautics with the Oddyseum’s engines and many other smaller vehicles at the crew’s disposal. During his free time, Luke usually found himself hanging out with his friend Giorm. But more recently he had found a bond with fellow engineer, Torrina Shipmen, a Worcain whose homeworld was the planet XR-4 but like most of the crewmembers was born and raised on Zin La. The two had become rather close due to most of their time being spent working on mutual projects around the ship.

Angelus eventually exited hyperspace and proceeded into the nearest galaxy. Sormin informed the entire crew to prepare everything for the planet they were inspecting this time and when Angelus finally came to it, the crew was intrigued to find it to be a water world. But as Angelus was beginning her descent, she quickly stopped when she saw something that astonished everyone, including herself; another of the seven gods.

They were in witness of Norscid, the elemental deity of water. Norscid was a relatively shy god compared to Angelus and when the two caught each others gaze, Norscid simply ignored Angelus and the Oddyseum in favor of venturing towards the planet below. Angelus on the other hand, began to follow Norscid to her destination on the planet. A reason for which puzzled everyone except for Csar Sormin who could only come to one explanation for Angelus doing so.

During his youth Sormin had been told many stories by Angelus about the Universe and her exploits through it. One story in particular stood out in his mind of the time when both Angelus and Norscid happened upon a life sustaining planet at the same time. As the story went, Norscid had already visited the planet many times before and was forced to cure its waters once again because the sentient inhabitants of the land constant pollution and simple ignorance of what they had been conducting. Each generation had discovered newer and easier methods of dumping their wastes into the sea and knew the only reason Norscid ever came was to clean the ocean and willingly made it there dumping grounds knowing that she would pick up after them. Unfortunately, Norscid eventually caught on to their ploys and once she witnessed them dumping garbage with her own eyes, began to throw the mother of all tantrums. Forming a monumental storm Norscid planned to destroy every life on the planet for their actions.

Angelus fortunately intervened and attempted to calm her sister but when Norscid attacked Angelus in her raged induced state, Angelus grew angry with Norscid for her blind fury and fought the water deity. But what seemed like a small quarrel to the two had actually been a century long battle to the planet and when Angelus was finally able to drive Norscid away, she found that the damage had already been done. The planet had long since been flooded by the storms Norscid brewed during their brawl and eventually Angelus too left the planet knowing for the most part, she had failed.

Angelus had not seen Norscid since that day.

What Sormin suspected was that the planet Norscid was visiting now was the same planet from Angelus’ story and Angelus wished to watch over her sister to make sure she would not have a repeat lapse in judgment.

While Angelus followed her sister to the planet’s surface, the Oddyseum stayed in the upper atmosphere to gain a better perspective of the surrounding ecosystem and launched several probes to follow Angelus and discover more about the planet. Angelus was quick in finding her sister and immediately began to hover over her location which Norscid began to find an immediate ire to. But while Angelus attempted to stay above the surface so not to get in Norscid’s way, Norscid could only find irritation in knowing her sister was watching her every move no matter how deep she sank into the sea. After about an hour Norscid had had enough of Angelus prying and immediately sent a large geyser of water straight at her sister. Angelus, drenched by the stream, snarled at her sister for her actions while Norscid, who had risen from the beneath the waves, bellowed back at Angelus with a similar aggravated response.

The crew of the Oddyseum watched as the two hissed and roared at one another and while no one could understand what was the two were truly saying to one another, Sormin managed to make out tidbits of Angelus’s roars which were mainly of anger of Norscid attacking her. Eventually Norscid sunk back into the ocean but while everyone assumed she was merely returning to cleaning the ocean, everyone was shocked when several more pillars of water came rushing out of the sea straight at Angelus. Angelus dodged the geysers and once again roared at Norscid in anger who this time did not surface to acknowledge her. This was enough to aggravate Angelus to a boiling point and she immediately displayed her anger by firing a large blast of energy into the sea to flush out her sister. Almost immediately the waters around the area where Angelus had fired into began to bubble and within seconds an enormous amount of boiling water erupted from the sea along with Norscid.

Once again the two found themselves at each others throats like so many centuries ago and as their battle continued, storms and hurricanes began to spontaneously manifest all around the area. The Children of Angelus were caught in the thick of one the raging maelstroms and though the pilots and second in command Giorm advised to going above the storm, Sormin chose to remain in the stratosphere. Unbeknownst to all parties present, deep within the darkest depths of Aqauros’ ocean, Phoros began to stir.

Phoros violently made his presence known. Attacking Norscid while the water god was thoroughly distracted with Angelus, Phoros ripped into her body with his powerful jaw, tearing off a large portion of Norscid’s side and immediately proceeded to drag her deeper into the sea. When Angelus found that the torrential storms around her were dissipating she realized something was horribly wrong and immediately dove into the sea to investigate. Witnessing Phoros attacking her sister, Angelus attacked Phoros with full force, ramming into him and dislodging Norscid from his maw. Phoros attempted to retaliate against Angelus but was subdued by an energy blast and was sent retreating into deeper water. Angelus found Norscid, extremely lethargic and sinking deeper into the water. Already other smaller creatures were beginning to investigate the weakened creature and Angelus immediately shooed them away with her presence. Angelus attempted to comfort her sister and nudge her to the surface but in such a dire state Norscid struggled to remain stationary let alone swim. Things were about to get worse however, Phoros was already beginning to surmount a second attack and when Angelus saw the gargantuan beast rising from the abyss, she immediately grabbed Norscid and rocketed to the surface.

Angelus breached the surface mere moments before Phoros caught up with them. Phoros roared with aggravation at the loss of his meal and could only watch as his prey escaped into the sky. Angelus brought Norscid up towards the Oddyseum who were horrified to see Norscid in such a mangled state. Sormin demanded to know of anyplace on the planet where they could take Norscid to properly treat her and was given the location of a small island nearby. The Oddyseum sped to its location with Angelus carrying her sister close behind and when they reached the location, landed on the islands beach while Angelus placed her sister into the shallows. The medical unit quickly began to work on Norscid’s wounds but with no knowledge of her physiology they were having difficulty keeping at stable conditions at best.

The crew was desperate to make sure Norscid was stayed alive and didn’t wish to see the water god loose its life in such a gruesome manner. Unfortunately they had limited options available to them and worse still despite Norscid’s wounds healing on their own they discovered that she had also contracted a deadly nerve toxin from the attack that was shutting down her entire body and without any pliable knowledge about how to fend off a virus that even Norscid could not overcome they were beginning to loose faith that they would not be able to save her.

But suddenly the waters around Norscid began to stir and the Children of Angelus were greeted by the Aquarians, the native sentient species of the planet who also came with something far greater than their presence, a way of saving Norscid.

Name and bio are revealed for this one. The designs for Phoros have gone through some interesting stages since he was first imagined. The first few designs stemmed usually ranged from a giant amalgamated shark to a simple water dragon like creature to an alien eel like entity. I had several different designs made (which I shall share at a later date) but for the most part I didn't really know what to do with him. Finally I found this picture in my old scrap book [link] same as Qardssilla and I decided to incorporate it with a few of the other design specs to create Phoros. The story part of this is a little rushed by it came out more or less how my notes said so I'm good with it. Thoughts and opinions ladies and gentlemen, need some.

Edit: Haven't really been up to sketching lately, been feeling a little down thanks to quite a bit of hardships going on in my life. Still, I have to keep my skills up in some way and practicing digital painting is good way to do so. So here is Phoros in full color, shouldn't really come as a shock as to the color scheme if you've taken a gander at Phoros' earliest base design. If anyone has a certain GOU monster they are interested seeing in color please let me know.
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