Ull - the Winter King Picture

Ull (Oller, Ullin, Uller, Ullr, Wulpus) is possible an older god in Scandinavia than the Aesir gods. In Sweden and Norway there are a lot of places named after Ull, indicating that he once was a very important god, maybe the most important.

In Aesir mythology his role is reduced. He is mostly known as the best archer and skier.
In some cases however he seems to have been the Winter King and in that function temporarily have replaced Odin.

He is also known as the Shield God and ‘Ull’s shield’ is a kenning for a ship.

So here we have Ull – the Winter King racing down a snowy hill on his shield.
Riding down a hill on your shield is actually a technique that is known to have been used (probably not standing up though).

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