Deipatrie Picture

So here it is at last!

It was first named Alféna, but then I discovered that Alfena is a city in Portugal. And Portugal has not so much with my thinking to do, so I chose to rename the world, wo-oh

So now the name is Deipátrie c:


I could not put out all the names and areas, it would first not directly fit, then there would not be good-looking. So I just put the names of the countries, islands and mountains.

The trees show were the big forests are, and not the trees themselves. This is not like a small island, no no. This is a HUGE place, as big as Europe, Asia and Australia together( and even a little bigger).

The continent itself is called Ame, when Deipátrie is the planet itself
There are five kingdoms, or countries if we want to say it, in Deipátrie.


-Redwood ( NOW 'RAMAN' )




I am really inspired of Tolkins world, and I even look a bit at nordic mythology.
So there are some species you will recognize, like elves, dwarves, humans of course, trolls and so on.
But even new species White-goblins, Vildvitror, Shifter, and Wulwes.
I will write about the species in my journal sometime.

Vildvittra - [link]

The Dralf/Dralfen - [link]

The Makk Tíre - [link]

Shifters / Igun - [link]


Dolber ~

A proud people who live in the major fields in the West. Unlike the people of Raman, Dolber is known for its large reserves of horses. Dolber is a little bit like Rohan from LOTRs. The horses are their trans-port medium, used for agriculture and and in battles.
Dolber have a large army, but is quite peaceful.
There is much room for farming, but the big fields are in the south.
The winters are cold, and the summers are pretty mild, so the people wear a lot of fur and quite Vikings related attire.
There are trolls and goblins in the woods up in the north-east.
There are small dragons up in Dogel mountains, and in the Cold Hill (I did not get the name of this, but it is the small mountain pause between Dogel and Long Mountains) lives the great dragon Dvelker.

Redwood (NOW 'RAMAN') ~

Coming soon...

Áquila ~

There are not really any dominant species in Áquila. Humans, they are here and there. There is a lot of Gnomes in the Green hill (Another mountain I haven't put out its name. It's the little mountain south-west of Sunny Mountains), and many tradesmen along the coasts. Up in the mountains lives the Shifters. The Shifters is a humanlike species that can change shape into different animals. The Shifters who live in the Sunny mountains is the most famous of them, then they can switch to huge eagles.
Aquila is the Latin word for eagle.

The country has not really any government or royal family, but each village / town has its own rules and laws. Unfortunately, because of the very mixed environment, they can break out small wars between the different villages / towns. The country has no dragons in the mountains, cuz they get chased away by the Shifters.

Élidror ~

The large mountains in the north are the Dwarves' homes. The mountains are filled with precious stones and gold, and is their biggest selling products. Dwarves are a strong people who protect their mountains from intruders. In the southern part of Long mountains however sleeps the dragon Rölka deep in the mountains.
They do not like the elves of Nomer, but they prefer to talk shit about them than starting a war.
They have a large army, then all male dwarves get combat training as young.
Aside from Rölka, there is basically no threat in the country, where the dwarves quickly gets rid of the threats.

Nomer ~

Coming soon...
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