'Look Deep Into My Eyes...' [Part 1] Picture

Dante stalks the seas near the coast in search of weary travelers. He's a dragon of the sea, and has existed since the time of the gods. Poseidon placed him in the Mediterranean to attack the ships that failed to ask for his blessing. In times since the belief in the gods has faded, as has their influence, but Dante still exists and is as present as he was all those years ago, now unbound by loyalty. Though he resides in the sea, he is capable of breathing air.

He possesses an underwater temple of sorts that he takes his victims to. They're bound to do his will until they lose their appeal. It is deep enough to avoid sonar detection, and the leftover powers from ancient times provide it with oxygen. There is no water resistance, and living there wouldn't be any different from on the surface, just without any way to leave. One would suffocate before they could reach the air above.

Nowadays, Dante finds his servants that stray a little too far off the coast, or walk the beaches at night. While he is perfectly capable of just snatching them up and diving into the sea, he prefers to coerce them into walking into the water first with the abilities Poseidon gave him.
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