Mythic II Picture

These characters are also inspired by the mythology of Ancient Slavs and since I wrote their names in Cyrillic (again), here are their names in Latin, followed by short explanations:

PERUN was the god of thunder, like Zeus in Greek mythology. He is the most famous Slavic deity and often considered to be a supreme god (Deus Deorum - the lord of cosmic space), which he's not, since that title belongs to deity named SVAROG.

VESNA was the goddess of light, spring and summer. Her name has connections with an old Indian word "vas" which means "to be clear/bright".

SIMARGL was the god that chases cold/winter away, so his name could be translated as "Winterchaser" or "the one who hunts the cold".

NOTE: All explanations were taken from "Mythology and Religion of Ancient Slavs" by Spasoje Vasiljev. The names of gods and goddesses are not the same for all Slavic nations.

In ancient times, Slavs celebrated their local gods. That custom is maintained even today in my country, with pagan gods being replaced with Christian saints. The celebration dedicated to a patron saint is called "slava", which is a family feast and includes relatives and friends of the family as guests. All the time during the feast, we have a special "Slava cake" placed on the table and a candle
(sticked in the cake) that burns as the guest are eating a main dish.
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