Valkyrie with icelandic horse Picture

While she has still kind of fantasy armor, I wanted to make it possible to craft in viking ages. You can still recognize few marks connected to what you can see on classic viking armor. The fuzzy small horse with big head is special breed living on iceland and over whole Scandinavia, I am no expert but i think these horses were very common in those ages.

So I wanted to create realistic character with no wings, no white pegas horse , no armored bikini, not even a helmet with wings. She should still have at least shield but there was no place to put it And I also didn't want to cover her head with massive viking helmet.

Whole picture is set to post apocalyptic theme, after the battle time. And as it usually happens, valkyries comes down to the ground to search for those who fought bravely. then they go to Valhalla over the bifrost... blah,blah. I think most of you know the legend better than me.
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