July Apocalypse: Sailor Charon Picture

Senshi of the Apocalypse for #SenshiEvolutions

Name: Aurora Chouko ( meaning dawn/ butterfly child)
Homeworld: Charon ( dwarf planet. moon of pluto)
Senshi Name: Sailor Charon
Colors: Rainbow/ white

Transformation Item: Diamond cut prism ring (like a cubic zirconia ring)

Senshi Attacks: THE OAR! can be used offensive or defensive. the oar is also a reference to the ferryman charon of mythology. the myth the planet is named for.

Butterfly's radiance!: butterflies made up of light surround the target and cleanse their impure heart. (only works if there is still good in a person)

Ferryman's duty: Charon uses the oar shaped staff, and moves it like she was moving it in water. this causes rainbow changing lights to form a boat shape around her and the attacker, freezing them in place. this light slowly pulls away from them taking the attacker away piece by piece like sand in the wind, into a brighter light. If they are a good person only being controlled, then the person will be left behind. if they are an evil monster, A golden coin will be left behind . (mythological reference to Charon the Guardian of the river sytx)

Charon's chrysalis : Light wraps around attacker and sailor charon into an impenetrable chrysalis and then rips the star seed from both parties, thus killing the involved.. THIS ATTACK WILL be Sailor charon's end if used.

Senshi Transformation: RAIDENT PRISM MAKE Up!

The planet Charon is the dwarf moon/planet of Pluto. it is the exact size of pluto but travels in a barbell like orbit with it.

My reasoning: Butterflies are a symbol of new life after death/rebirth and demise. Without death you can not have new life so the cycle goes. Also sailor moon herself had many butterfly references. The rainbow colors and bright light are also a testament to this. As White is not the absence of color, but yet, every color. So i wanted to use it to show the significance of the senshi's role in death/ rebirth.

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