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Full Name: Jolène Anneliese Durand
Species: Vampire
Date of Birth: 1879s
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Hair color: White blond
Eye Color: Ruby/Black
Height: 5'2''
Description: She is short with a molded contour, her pale face with the strawberry lips. She speaks with a silky french accent
Family members: Robbie Legere (Fiancé), Enola Legere (Adoptive mother-in-law ) Cassel Durand (Father ), Egan Durand (Mother ), [link] Jules Durand (Older brother), Yves Durand (Younger brother)
Nicknames: Jo, Wolfsbane (by Jacob Black), The beauty among Beasts (by Bella Cullen)
Personal history: It was year 1897. Jolène's father and Mr. Montaque, both peers of profession, worked together in the formulates that could cure the terrible disease to Montaque. But they failed, and one night Mr. Montaque lost control and attacked his friend, he passed his abilities to his associate. This had serious consequences, as they not could be two equal causing fear in Paris. Jolène's father killed to Montaque and continued only with the treatment. His condition was getting worse and also killed his wife. He had no choice but to tell the truth to their children. The situation had become dangerous and decided to move to America to avoid suspicion. They settle in Canada and know the family Legere, a mother and her child suffering from lycanthropy. She was a beautiful native woman who fell in love Jolène's father and joined a couple. But the Legeres was comfortable with his curse, so forgot completely the cure. Egan, the native, told the Durands who disputed the territory with a coven of vampires nearby, but you were afraid to get close enough. The patriarch of the Durands wanted to increase the strength in the family and infected his two sons. This grew stronger defense, but in the middle of a fight, Jolène was injured by vampire venom. She did not want to leave her family, but the full moon became aggressive and the smell of vampire drive them mad, making her in danger. She always believed firmly in the capacity of his father for the cure, so that after her change processed a sure aura to coexist between them. After Jolène's commitment with Robbie Legere, her father and the new mate of him were killed by vampires.

Aconitum induction

"… She makes them look like puppies at her side."

Bella on Jolène's gift.

"Aconitum induction is Jolène's ability to maintain the rationality and conscience in others when them transform into a werewolf."

―Entry on Jolène's gift.


During the human-looking wolf, repressed the passions to rise to a boiling point. The capacity of this aura of induction not a cure for lycanthropy, werewolf turns into harmless while the moon is full. It's shown that these creatures are very active individuals, impulsive and unstable. For example, Emily Young's scars were accidentally inflicted by an out-of-control Sam Uley.


Induction of Monkshood is used as a means of treating lycanthropy. Devoid of any use to fasten the ferocious instincts of others vampires.


Children of the Moon - mythological creatures who are immortal and rarely travel in packs.

Durand means enduring as in enduring pain.

 Werewolves do not age, show flowing blood and a beating heart like humans. Werewolves consume flesh, human or animal. The Clan Durand-Legere prefer human flesh.

 Robbie Legere is a Windigo. Embodies the atavistic call of nature to animal that supposedly took everyone inside.

 The Jolene's gift is called Aconitum: "the queen of poisons", a toxin derived from some of the Aconite genus plants that readily causes respiratory paralysis. Because of its easy manipulation to paralyze lycanthropy in a peaceful behavior.

 Jolène keeps her powerful ability in secret to the Volturi for the sake of werewolves community.
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