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This motley bunch is known as The Space Knights (or "Star Generals" if we want to remain faithful to the English version), several robots (fourteen, actually) who work directly underneath the Stardroids and Heavenly Rulers (Juno, Pallas, Vesta, and Ceres--one of which is a DASH conversion. Do I need to point him out?). While they're all varied in design and origin, all have one thing in common: they're fiercely loyal to their respective higher-ups but not necessarily to each other.

I realize that there are hundreds of natural satellites out in space. But think I'm gonna create over THREE HUNDRED new robots just for ONE story in MM9? I'm not that crazy. D:

Here's the gist of the Stardroid Hierarchy: Sungod is at the very top (though even he must answer to someone now...more on that later. Much later). Directly underneath him is Gaia/Terra/Earth (who, in MM9, is called Gaia as that was what was intended, somewhat), and Gaia commands Dark Moon. Underneath them are the Heavenly Rulers, four non-combat Stardroids who do their best to repair their allies and settle affairs (except for Vesta, who just wants to blow everything the Eff up). Then there are the Planetary Droids, which would be Mercury through Pluto (excluding Earth, of course). They command the Star Generals, who in turn command the Mechaniloids. It became more complex after the Intergalactic Police got involved, but that be the general ideer.


Phobos is the guy with the flaming red hair and crazed look in his eyes. He's a "chop enemy into little bits first, ask questions later" kinda guy, which is why his commander Mars is more likely to send his pal Deimos into the field instead, partly to keep Phobos alive and to keep expenses down. Deimos is the more cowardly of the two, but he seems to harbour more common sense. Phobos is impulsive, obnoxious, and thorough in his "work"--and he likes to push Deimos around, natch. Unfortunately for him, the other Generals (and even Mars) are beginning to question his tactics.

SPOILERS OHNOES: Unsurprisingly, Phobos is almost killed by Barrageman after recklessly engaging the megaton Master in combat.


Researching Jupiter's satellites made me go insane--see, they're all named after Zues's many, many, MANY lovers, none of which are male. So I had to go out on a limb with the sole male General underneath him...grrr.

Metis is a bit of a prankster. While she's in charge of keeping track of Jupiter's records, she's not above occasionally zapping him (but they're MILD jolts, honest) or her subordinates. She's generally a nice lady, but she seems to be on awful terms with Phobos (everyone is, actually). Her partner Iocaste is more suited for combat, and is strictly business-only. This leads to some clashing between them, but at least neither of them have a lead pipe shoved up their ass like Kore. This guy has the whole "icy, snobbish air" down to the proverbial T, and answers only to Jupiter (who, judging by the colour schemes, was not his original employer). He tends to ignore his fellow generals, but goes out of his way to make his subordinates' lives a living hell. Jerk.

Saturn seems to trust Hyperion to an extent, as this odd robot is charged with significant errands more often than the other two working by his side. Hyperion, in turn, greatly respects his commander and makes sure everything done for him is done right. Unfortunately for Hyper here, this leads to the common syndrome of "Refusing to Accept I am Only Human" (despite being a robot). Poor Iapetus is ridiculed more often than not. Maybe it's because his name rhymes with "fetus", or maybe it's the giant ring sticking out of his back. He's got real problems, though--there seems to be a growth on his armour that is definitely not natural, and Iapetus spend s a great deal of time trying to figure out what the Hyper Storm H it is. It doesn't appear to be parasitic, but then, better safe than sorry. Themis hasn't really made it clear if he's working for Saturn or not, but he takes his job seriously (though not as seriously as Hyperion). Those two blades he carries have enough weight to tear a man's arm clean off, but it takes much force to throw them. Themis himself is pretty stuck up, and doesn't talk to anyone but Saturn. (And I know this is a low blow, but--lol pink hair)


--has only one general, and Umbriel is it. Part Centaurman, part Godkarmachine O'Inary, Umbriel is perhaps the oddest-looking Star General--but don't tell him that unless you're a masochist. He's very touchy about his appearances being mocked and would prefer it if no one would do that--but even Uranus has no choice but to chortle at his lesser's choice of design (Umbriel claims to be self-built). One rumor states that Umbriel can somehow tear open black holes from thin air, but this has yet to be proven. At the very best, he's a competent ground commander.


is not the eighth planet from the Sun, but I'm going in order of how they appear on this sheet, not in space. Artemis is Venus's only SG; she's a rather cute and bubbly girl with slightly bad aim. While Artemis can fire off a volley of arrows at rocket speed, half of said arrows tend to end up in her allies. Regardless, she keeps a positive attitude about her, never letting her enraged allies get her down.


IS the eighth planet from the Sun. There isn't much to say about Naiad, except that he's very loyal to Neptune ...and he's cute, I guess? He's half fish and half unicycle. A fishcycle. Naiad is something like Neptune's secretary--but male. Not clearly male, but male. Proteus may bear a slight resemblance to a certain ProtoMAN--which is not coincidental; Neptune admitted that he based Proteus's designs off of the Red Raider himself, just as a test to see how the robot would function in space. In a way, Proteus is Neptune's son. He, like the other SGs, is loyal to his commander, but doesn't attempt to overdo himself like Hyperion. He cannot, however, keep a cool head for long.


I still consider Pluto a planet. Bah! Charon is responsible for dragging away the remains of Pluto's enemies, a job that requires that scythe blade he uses as a hand--see, a lot of them "aren't dead yet". Nix is somewhat of a watchdog over areas that the Stardroids discover, making sure there's no one living there first (or nothing, for that matter). Both are pretty grim and rarely see their higher-up in person, due to Pluto being asleep or trying, in vain, to get warm.

*I tried to base the Star Generals off of the mythological figure the satellites were named for. For example, Iocaste has a necklace (which unlike Jocasta's, does absolutely nothing), Proteus is Neptune's son, etc.

*Until yesterday I never realized Pluto had two other moons.
*Naiad's helmet is based off of a painting of the water humanoids of the same name. I'd link to it, but my brain is breaking right now.

*Mercury has no generals, and he prefers it that way, despite having to do everything himself.

*Artemis was placed with Venus because, if I stayed 100% consistent, she'd have to be working for Gaia or Dark Moon, and no Star General ever gets that high in rank. That, and I like the idea of her shooting people for Venus instead.
*Themis is a hypothetical moon of Saturn. I just threw him in because Janus makes me think of Crono Trigger, and while I like that game, I'd like to not confuse it with Megaman. I'm confused enough as it is. ;_;

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Megaman (C) Capcom
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