God of the Forest Picture

FINALLY! ; w ;

Jeebus, I'm so happy and just plain proud to have finished this one. I think this is one of the best pieces I've ever produced in my life, quite honestly, mostly for the reason that I DREW A BACKGROUND! ; w ; But seriously. I put so much effort into the line art, I'm surprised I managed to pull it off.


"I give permission to =ToxiCanvas to feature my work as an entry to the “Visions of Pan” contest.” Since, that's actually why I made this in the first place. x'3

So, about the image itself, I don't think of Pan in the same way as people might usually imagine faun & satyr (that is, that they are horny sonsofbitches). On the contrary, I just imagine Pan as possibly a follower of Dionysus ans god and protector of the forests, and a creature of it as well.

It doesn't help that I somewhat relate Pan with a character of mine named Dreamer whose mannerisms are rather 'innocent' to look at, but that's it. x'D

IDK what else to say. x'D;; I'm attempting Art Nouveau, stfu. x'D

Texture used was made by: ~AnnFrost-stock

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