Paradise Circus OC: Kitsuru Picture

This is my first time drawing an OC ^_^
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My OC, the first member of The Paradise Circus;

Name: Kitsuru
Age: 30
His role in the circus: Kitsuru is a deputy head who, in fact, fulfills most of “technical” duties of a leader. He manages the circus, plans their performances. He is also an announcer and an illusionist.
History: He is the only member who has a circus past. Kitsuru was born in a circus, as a child of two acrobats. Primitively he was an “errand boy” - he helped everyone, but didn’t take part in bigger performances. When he was 15 he met his future boss, who was back then 14. A mysterious young girl came to his circus with a little child in her arms, asking for a place to stay. She never talked much about herself, what was a main reason Kitsuru was interested in her. He spent time with the girl and soon, when she was going to leave, he proposed to go along with her, becoming her first member and a right hand.
Personality: Kitsuru is a responsible and well-organized “father of the family”. He is creative and creates plans easily, but he prefers to stay in a shadow of his boss. Kitsuru never makes decisions alone, only if his boss asks him to do it. He is very loyal and respects her deeply, willing to offer her all his life without asking for anything in return. Because Kitsuru has a lot of responsibilities he can be a little harsh, being a person who gets angry easily, “attacks” someone with his pipe - and then he is calm again. Kitsuru is quiet with his leader, but a spitfire with his subordinates.
Abilities: Kitsuru creates creatures from Japanese mythology with smoke from his pipe. He can bring to life only “living” objects - animals, demons, gods. First his kitsune mask was a part of his power, something what can be named payment for his talents. He needs it to use his pipe, but later the mask became a part of his stage image.
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