Sasuhina- Merman! AU Picture

It's been a while since I searched the Sasuhina tag, and I have to admit, I was really surprised, in the good way, from what I saw...

Tumblr has started an "au game" in with Sasuke is a merman... Hinata has a lot of different roles, but my favourite is "researcher Hinata". He has been found, she is a part of the science team that works on him and although he is not part of the progect she is working on, sometimes, when she passing by him, she notices him staring at her....

~The first time I threw him the salmon of my sandwich. I knew that he was not allowed to eat anything else than what they were giving him, but he looked so tired and weak that I couldn't help myself. After all he felt responsible for his capture. If only I hadn't felt from that boat that night he wouldn't have to rescue me and been found by our team... The next day I noticed him stare at me while I was passing by with my lunch box. "You like salmons that much, don;t you?" I mumbled at him and without waiting for an answer I gave him in secret my salmon again. From time time on I caught him staring at me a couple of times and I couldn't help but to look back at him, as well. One night I was left behind from the others to print some documents from an experiment of mine. As I passed through him, although the room was dark, I heard him make some noice. "Are you okay?" I asked him and he came closer to the glass hesitant. We stared into each other's eyes. He was a beautiful creature indeed.
"Don't stare at him much, I may look cute, but he is dangerous."
"You have read mythology, haven't you? They used to bewitch people and dragged them down to the bottom of the sea!!These creatures are devils!"
"We still don't know what he is capable of, how strong he is, or even if he eats humans... Sometimes looking at him gives me chills..."

I have heard what everyone was saying but, he looked so pretty under the light of the moon that I wanted to go even closer. I placed my hand on the glass. At first he moved back a little scared. I kept smiling at him without moving my hand. He moved closer hesitant some seconds later. It wasn't easy for him to trust me, but I could feel that he wanted to. He raised his hand and placed it on mine.
"Oh, his hands are bigger than mine" I thought surprised. "Now that I think about it not only his hands... His head, his chest, his waist, everything about him is big." He kept looking at me without moving. Outside the glass cage, filled with water he looked so unreal. My heart skipped a beat and I remember that I some time I thought "Ah... Dear God, please let him devour me as he looks at me like that." Only at that point, when there was no turning back, I fully understood what everyone was talking about~

Maybe I am a little late, but better later than never, verdad? xD

That was my first time drawing a merman and I was afraid to draw a fish tail, so I stopped him right before that...
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