Captain Marvel - October 2011 Picture

iPad-Gen 01
Sketchbook Express

My son is starting to get really into B-Level superheroes. Captain Marvel was always more interesting to me than Superman, and I really loved how he's been used in and since KINGDOM COME... except in his various solo books. His place in the DCU as the "magic Superman" and "Earth's Mightiest Mortal."

So here's my take on the Big Red Cheese....

Like all superheroes with magic and mythology fueled origins, I think that they need to have something in their design that screams "ancient", "power," and really..."mythological."
So I took out the basic shiny bands of gold around his forearms and replaced them with old, Hellboy-esque stone covered in various languages and symbols that each letter of Shazam stands for ( i like the same basic idea for Wonder Woman's magic bracelets, Dr. Fate's Helmet of Nabu, and Aquaman's costume as well...).

Fun to draw.
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