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the picture itself belongs to the best Sempai in the world [link] the character however is all mine. This is for the pokemon ginjika group called Pokimono[link] I have to wait till Feb. to do submit it though

Name: Kaoru Momiya
Pokemon: Tabunne
Village: Steel Cave
Job: Treasure Hunter

Age: 16
Height: 5'4
Type: Normal
Birthday: March 3rd
Ability: Healer

Attacks: Double Slap, Secret Power

Likes: sweets,fruits,crystals/gems/precious stones,music,traing,studying history,being strong,swimminng,Rain,storms,cloudy days,being on time,mythology,anything silver,bandages,treasure,forests,lakes,small hiding places,night time,daybreak,dark places,reading,folklore

Dislikes: Lightning,hot weather,being woken up,being late,being too early,looking weak,being defensless,being weak,being stereotyped as a weak pokemon who can only heal others,awkwardness,beimg put down,being looked down on,falling,tripping(which he does often),child abuse,bullying

Personality : Kaoru is very energetic and quick to anger. He despises those who pick on the weak and think themselves high and mighty,when he's alone he likes to stare at the sky. He has a hard time trusting others because of his past and will put on a false front if he meets someone new,due to being a tabbune he likes to cary aroung lots of medical supplies but usually keeps it hidden. Kaoru loves to travel and see new places and that's part of the reason he became a treasure hunter

History: Koaru was born in a fairly large village famous for it's strong warriors. His father being one of those warriors was highly disappointed when he learned that his son took after his mother. From the time he was born his father saw him as a poor excuse for a male. On the day he turned 8 his father told him that he was weak and pathetic,got drunk and beat his mother.From then on it started going down hill by the time he was in his tweens he had made up his mind to run away and take his mother with him. Unfortunately his father had other ideas. Three days after his 15th birth day his father had beaten his mother so bad she was almost dead. When his father realized what he had done he immediately carried her to the best healer in the village,leaving a terrified Koaru home alone. When the healer asked what had happened The father said that they had been attacked. The day after Koaru's mother and Father returned home he decided that while his father was at a village meeting he would take his mother and run, But his mother wanted to stay,so despite his mothers pleas he left the village and never looked back.

Additional info: he loves long long sleeves and cocealed weapons,when you scare him he will jump up and curl into a ball, when you scare him he will jump up and curl up into a ball,if you sneak up behind him(which is hard to do because he has exelent hearing)he will imeadetly swing his fist at you,He carries a map with him everywhere and will mark down certain things upon traveling. He is also very superstitious.

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