K.A.S Hera Picture

Name: Hera
Factions: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rank: 5

Height: 65 Meters at the shoulder
Length: 190 Meters
Wingspan: 120
Weight: 30,000 tons

-Wicked Strength: Hera, and all crypt dragons for that matter of fact, are in the Squamata family. Related to snakes, lizards, and ancient marine reptiles known as Mosasaurs. However, being between Mosasaur and snake rather then lizards. With the ancestry comes powerful strength, also seen in snakes. For her size, she can easily throw around monsters her own size.
-Particle Beam: By some unknown method, Hera can focus particles between her upper and lower jaw, charge them with energy, and spit them forth in a red blast that resembles fire. However, it is not fire. It can create fire, however, as it touches air. Since the beam itself is not fire, it can be used underwater and not doused by flames. Most materials burn and melt, save for certain materials. Platinum and other heat resistant materials seem to fair well against it. NOTE: When Hera spits this beam, she "screams" as she does it. Its a loud high-pitched, demonic noise that one could describe as eerie and unsettling. Fearful, really.
-Bacterial Bite: Hera’s jaw is filled with a wicked cocktail of bacteria that affect most kaiju. Obviously it don’t affect inorganic ones. This bacteria affects immunities and healing. Wounds will heal slower, leaving them linger longer. Even powerful kaiju will have wounds for a few days. Immune systems are also attacked. This leaves infection to possibly advance, causing terrible sickness and disease at the worst of times.
-Advanced regeneration: Hera’s regeneration is slightly more advanced then the normal kaiju. It isn’t instant, nor as efficient. However, her wounds do heal faster then the standard kaiju.
-Mutagen Cells: Hera, and assumingly all Crypt Dragons, have enigma laced cells. Any and all parts of there body carries a strong residue of Enigma that can mutate ordinary animals into monsters. It was this discovery that would one day lead to a handful of other monsters that would come to exist.

-Anger Issues: Hera by far is one of the most cantankerous, short fused, and simply bad attitude. She is not one to cooperate, and will turn on allies even if the fight is for the greater good. The slightest thing of any sort can set her off. No one is safe from her rage… or any random object either.
-Hated: Crypt Dragons have few to little allies other then other Crypt Dragons. Their kind had strained the planet so bad before in the past, that many kaiju have powerful instincts to attack and kill a Crypt Dragon on sight. Hera is likely to be attacked by any kaiju just for existing.

Personality: Several words can describe Hera; Hot headed, foul tempered, black hearted, cold blooded, greedy, nasty, and wrathful. She makes the deepest pit of hell look safe and comfortable compared to how wild and angry she can become. Angry like a Egyptian Cobra, driven like a Komodo Dragon on the hunt. A savage and prehistoric beast that brought her anger into the present. Given she is related to Komodo Dragons and Cobras, that isn’t a huge stretch.
Anything and literally everything can literally set her off. Lashing out for no reason, or at suspicious objects. This makes her unsociable. Nothing gets along with her. Rather he doesn’t get along with anyone. Not that she can’t work with others, but it wouldn’t take much for target to go from common enemy, to allies who happened to step on her tail on accident. Yet, strangely, she isn’t evil. Simply anger… Might have an psychological reason. But it may be theorized he species are simply aggressive.
There are times when Hera is calm and peaceful. Usually when it involves a full stomach, secure, relaxed, or anything in between. At that point she is tolerable. Until someone strikes her nerve again…
In theory, Crypt Dragons are very good parents. Fossils of them tend to prove they were caring parents. It isn’t possible to know much more unless another dragon is discovered. Hera seems to be the last of her kind…

Epochs: Present Day Epoch

History: Not far too long after the discovery of the golem Tamotahn from the currently unknown ruins, many nations began rushing upon the chance to make monsters of there own. Apparently this nation had created the golem as a sort of attack dog… so why not do the same? Question: how? Before a monster needed to be created, the technique had to come first.

After some research and a short search in S. America, a strange material was found in a Brazilian marketplace. It was rich with strange mutagenic properties that would one day be officially called Enigma Energy. According to the shop keeper, the material came from a sacred and forbidden place in the Andes Mountains, in a forbidden valley that no one treads upon and lives. Natives apparently slaughtered anyone who dared trespass. A legend of an ancient primordial from a time before man was said to have cursed valley. Any mortal stepping upon it risked releasing this evil in the world again.
To find more, they had to do the taboo thing of stepping on the land. Natives were not happy, but hired hand helped keep them at bay. The valley was truly ancient. All around, ruins lay, from what seemed to be a mixture of Inca, Maya and Aztec. Statues depicted a dragon-like creature resembling the mighty Quetzalcoatl, emerald dragon god of Mayan mythology. But the statues depicted a darker force… featherless… webbed wings… images of sacrifices to these horrible beasts.
Soon after the ruins, bones were found. Bones the size of trees. Eggshells littering fossilized nests. Sacrificial pyres sat upon public areas were men and woman would apparently watch. Whatever culture existed here, they practiced a truly dark religion and worshiped a truly terrible creature… rather, creatures. All these bones obviously did not belong to one or two creatures. It must have been an entire race of beasts. This sort of practice was better off dead.

Inside the temples and hallowed out mountainsides, were massive chambers that were lavished with jewels and luxury for a giant. Now they were old, covered in dust… some even collapsed in on themselves. It was safe to say that none of these monsters still exist.

The source of the material in question was found. A vein of it, buried in a rock wall inside one of the temples. No questions asked, mining began right away. The mining continued for day and weeks, but more was to be unearthed. Dynamite was to be placed by drilling holes in and blasting it out… That was a mistake. First drill went in, and they hit something. A geyser of blood spouted from the wall…
A few natives that came along began babbling in a panic. “This is a truly cursed land! We must leave! Before its too late and we release the evil that is sealed here!” After all, how could a wall of rock spit blood? Well, those that used common modern day sense knew that answer.
The wall of rock shuddered and jumped as if reacting in pain… but the rock was not alive. Rock shattered and fell apart. Tons of stone avalanched down. Quickly over as it began, what was revealed was terrifying.

Sticking out of the rock, still deep in her torpor, was the dragon that would one day be known as Hera, embodiment of hell. Uku Pacha was the underworld in Incan mythology… its symbol was that of a serpent. This is because Hera, and her kind that would be known as Crypt Dragons, are the reason why… Thought to come right out of the underworld. Beasts of Hell…

Apparently, some sought a life among these monsters. Self desire to gain power, or in awe at a god like figure… or fearful for there lives, simply serving to avoid their wrath.

Either way, this changed the expeditions work. Another monster, and the dug it up… What is to be done now? Well digging ceased immediately. News around the world was alarmed that a “dragon” was discovered in ruins, in its hibernation. Many said kill it, others said seal it back up. No other option was being considered.
But it had what was needed to possible start mutating monsters. Debating did not last long… While the world did not know it, a mad terrorist group was on the risk. Legions of The Pantheon. L.O.P. L.O.P was an extremist group, believing that monsters are to be the rulers of everything. That they were gods… That man should bow before them and serve them.
They had caught wind of the discovery. Quietly they made their way into the valley, killing quietly and sneaking into the tomb. They set the dynamite, lit the fuses…

Finally, all hell literally had broken loose.

The explosions released and woke up the Hera. First thing she did was lay waste to everything that was human in the tomb, and outside the tomb… then most of the valley’s ancient forest on fire. After her destruction, Hera the Crypt Dragon took to the sky. Once more planet earth was the oyster to the plague-like species that was original Crypt Dragons…

DNA test results proved that this “dragon” was not quite a dragon… Squamata related. They were overgrown snakes, basically. It’s thought, judging by some of the bones, that the species was around at the last million years or so of the cretaceous. In theory, they may have burned the dinosaurs to extinction… or at least contributed. Judging from this, mankind was right to fear this one kaiju. A species that could cause such mass extinction… horrifying.
Other species would be found, showing that some deserved a place among an ecosystem… but some wonder if the Crypt Dragons naturally even existed. Even for Kaiju, nothing this successful naturally evolved. It is possible that something or someone created them. Possible that the dragons themselves could be aliens to the planet. For now, the origin is a complete mystery.
A Crypt Dragons presence is powerful to Kaiju. Apparently, Crypt Dragons put such a strain on earth in the past, that many kaiju today actively seek and will attempt to kill a member of the original mothering species that spawned all other dragon species.

Translated Verse from the culture that came to be known as “The Dragon Circle”.
The demon serpents from the lower world. All those who are born, all those that will be, and all that have been; thou shall knell on the block before the demon and give thy life to spare all others. For none can escape, even as thou escape the coil that is being mortal. Prosperity is only brief, as prosperity will end in darkness, for the soul will, and shall, be devoured at the end of this life… all beg for mercy from Supay…

Important Dates:
-April 24 - 26, 20??: Hera is discovered in a South American ruin. The massive dragon escapes her former prison and flies off to parts unknown. Phenoraixa awakens shortly after, travels across the world and confronts Hera, defeating her.
-November 26, 20??: Surudago and Shairka join the Tyrant Squad during a fight with Hera.


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History wise, a lot more went on then most know. Mainly involving ancient man in south america, and even the conquerors... though, Hera didn't have any direct contact. At least not yet... ideas are still being batted back and forth.

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