Cosmic side of the fowl ! - Best of Duck Dodgers Picture

Ladies and gentlemen , it is time to pay tribute to the most underrated cartoon of the past decade !

This is the kind of series I ended up loving more as an adult rather than as a kid. The more recent shows don't even come close to the level of this wonderful series. It manages not only to pay tribute to the classics but also does something completely different ! Like what Tiny Toons did with Acme Acres (which is sort of what Duckburg, Mousetown and St-Canard are to the Disney characters ), This show sets a whole semi-coherent universe and ACTUALLY exploits the fuck out of it.
As you all know ,the animated Duck Dodgers TV series was inspired by the 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century" (by Chuck Jones and Mike Maltese). Not only does it derive from that master-piece (which we will talk about once I make the Top 20 Chuck Jones cartoons !), but it also manages to do what any GOOD LT spin-off does : Take the characters out of their element, but DO NOT take the elements out of the characters.

What is it about ? Well in a nutshell ; Daffy got frozen for three centuries, thawed in the 24 1/2th century, and then assigned by Dr. "I.Q." Hi to defend Earth from the Martians with his sidekick , the eager young space Cadet... And hijinks ensue !

You know what let us go point by point and you guys will tell me if I lie about the quality of this show !


First of all the scenery is gorgeous. They did spend time designing it and make it like an actual sci-fi atmosphere :
- The Dodgers ship looks great , pretty much like a true spaceship .
- The design of the protectorate HQ looks like something out of a more serious Sci-fi, that is until you meet Dodgers
- The Martian world was also broadened in order to have its own mythology .
And all of those have a ludicrous and exagerated dimension to look like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon. So even the setting was well thought-out .


Any great LT spin-off must have a memorable soundtrack. While this does not have the orchestra soundtrack the Classics , Tiny Toons or Animaniacs possess, it still manages to find the right sci-fiesque tunes to go with the action. And the theme song ? It describes everything you need to know about the show.


The humor of this series derives a lot from the classics. True there are few jokes that are meh , but those are the exception not the rule ! This show has a lot of slapstick , verbal humor and a lot of sadistic jokes (verbal or physical ) in it . In fact it was never afraid to kill off some of its protagonists or letting them end up battered or torn to shreds. And it did not shy away from using lethal weapons on the characters (because they remembered it is a goddamn WB cartoon !)
Finally most of the jokes were more for adults or teenagers, especially with subtle innuendos. Kids can watch it and when they grow up , upon rewatching , can get the jokes or references that flew over their heads.


Yes,if there is one thing I absolutely love here , it is the characterizations : Every main player was multi-layered and complex, playing in a load of different comedic situations. And did I mention that it adapts them to this new setting without betraying their essence ? It took advantage of their classic aspects for the scripts , imagine that ...

- Duck Edgar Dumas Aloysius Eoghain Dodgers (played by Daffy Duck ... no kidding !)

As all of you know , I practically preach at the altar of Daffy, so I had to take a gander at what the show does with him . And I just love him here ! I could not disagree more with those who just slam him as braindead and say that he is a loathesome person who commits bad actions and... Okay guys, DAFFY IS THE ANTI-HERO PER EXCELLENCE ! Of course he is not supposed to be a role model ! Idiots.
As for the obliviousness , it is mostly reminiscent of Jones's " A pest in the house" or Davis's "Stupor Salesman", where he barely acknowledges the situation around him . But even then , he has shown to be far more clever and vicious than what he's given credit for. To me , the Dodgers personna did to Daffy what Paperinik (the PKNA Powerduck version ) did to Donald. It took the same classic character and added a certain stable dimension to him throughout the course of the entire series : Dodgers here is a captain for Earth Protectorate while Powerduck works for Everett Ducklair's Uno as earth's super guardian.
Therefore to me , this is both Daffy (when he breaks the fourth wall. And a running joke is that other people , spectators or Tom Jones , refer to him as such but it is never directly uttered in his presence.) and Dodgers (the role of the incompetent space captain ... with many hidden depths
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