Aztec: Profile Picture

I forgot how to draw today (Don't you hate it when that happens?) So I doodled this even though I was actually gonna do a profile after I finished reading my Amazing Aztec book, heheh.
I also just noticed we have a mysterious blue book called 'The Aztecs' in the nice fancy cupboard across from where I'm sitting next to the box set of Greek history I'm planning to read later. Hmmmm~
It's midnight I should sleep bur first typing. I won't dump history on you tonight, promise. Just elusive little bits of information that will make you wonder 'why is that, Hapo?! WHYY'

It's weird that I'm doing Aztec first since I know so little about him compared to Inca (Grew up on the Amazon Trail and just recently rediscovered Maya Quest, which I still suck at but I'm learning.) I've got the most physical book-reference for Aztec's clothing and stuff though so I'm starting with him. Plus he's hilarious.


Hair: Medium brown. Wears in a warrior style top knot most of the time, since hairstyle was an important marker of social status.
Eyes: Light brown
Face: A bit square. A hint of baby fat.
Nose: Flat-ish, points upward.
Height: Taller than Inca and about the same height as Maya.
Clothing: Typically wears a loincloth and a cape over his right shoulder. Occasionally you might catch a glimpse of him in either his Eagle or Jaguar warrior regalia. It's probably the last sight you'll ever see before you're taken to the altar.
He wears earrings and occasionally has a lip-plug-chin-thing which I forgot to draw.

You think Russia is yandere? You have never met Aztec- who originally called himself Mexica. When he's not being awesome drinking hot chocolate (because he's filthy rich and can drink money) building nice gardens and implementing stellar irrigation systems, he goes out on the prowl for unsuspecting rival tribe members to steal the hearts of. Literally.
Every time I draw him from now on there will be a little cliche about hearts. Here's the first one direct from Horrible Histories because I'm lame like that.
"His heart was in the right place..."

He's considered an 'Ancient' (probably because he never got around to inventing the wheel) but he's actually ridiculously young, appearing around 1200 AD.
He's ruthless, terrifying, and the last person you'd want to be alone in a room with, but he's extremely gullible.
He is so badass he can wear bows in his hair, earrings, and cover himself in rainbow feathers and still make you lose control of your bladder. He also has a subconscious need to make everything more extreme than it needs to be and exaggerates the mythology he borrowed from earlier civilizations. 2012, for example.
Maya: Oh shoot, I ran out of space on this calendar.
Maya: ...I didn't say that, but whatever.
I guess he just tunes out everything 'boring' XD

Oh, and Aztec is Mexico's ancestor- one of them, anyway. You might have noticed that the word Mexico comes from him. He also founded modern-day Mexico City.

If you want to read a little comic I made about some Toltec-Aztec mythology and why Aztec is so obsessed with tearing out people's hearts, check out my shiny new tumblr: [link]
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