OC meme remix Picture

(Sorry, a black line went through the image and it totally cut through some sections, hence why you can still see it at some places)

1: Aaron Kaiba (KaibaxYami's mpreg kid from 3000 Year Wait)
2: Hemo Kaiba (KaibaxYami's mpreg kid from 3000 Year Wait)
3: Erin Mustang *he's a boy* (RoyxEdward's mpreg kid from Edward's Knocked Up)
4: Ramille Mustang (RoyxEdward's mpreg kid from Edward's Knocked Up)
5: Jhonen Jounouchi (JouxMai's kid from YGO! The Games Begin!)
6: Triste Elric (RoyxEdward's mpreg kid from Thanks For The Memories
7: Ka Kaiba (KaibaxOC's kid from YGO! The Games Being!)
8: Duos Mouto (YugixIshizu's kid from YGO! The Games Begin)
9: Atem (The King of Gods in Egyptian mythology, based off of Atemu from YGO but seen as a God whose real name is Atum)
10: Set (The God of Evil in Egyptian mythology and the lover of Atem in my universe, looks like Seth from YGO)


This I did for shits and giggles, but I don't remember who made this meme so you'll have to look for it.

Okay, to clear the air, half of my OCs were born from mpreg, and I don't care if you don't like it, they are my characters and I created them from what I wanted them to be created from.

Ka demanding sex from Jhonen is a little inside joke from the story they are from since Ka and Jhonen are dating in the story.

Triste and Erin are brothers, but from different universes (by which I mean different stories) so technically their DNA would be close.

Knowing Ka and his interest in blond men with additudes like that, he would rape Edward if given the chance. DX

ErinxDuos- BEST. CROSSOVER. PAIRING. EVER. Aside from Phelpspear. XD

Go tag someone's butt to make them do this! I'm out! *runs off*
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