Midgard Serpent, tattoo design Picture

Specifically for one of the contests at *TheKnotters. (So those of you who are members get to see this a few days early. -must be tribal knotwork
-width must not exceed 400 pixels
-must be an animal of some kind, either real or mythical

So I did the Midgard Serpent. :3 (Hmm, giving it some thought, maybe this is because I'm missing the Lego Vikings ship that comes with the 'Serpent... ;_; I'm so close to having all of the pretty dragons~) Anyway, so yeah, that's the "earth" there in the center, and so on.

This is the first time that I've done key/step patterns, and these gave me a good amount of trouble. It seems kind of mish-mashy style-wise, but I still like it anyway. ^^

Well, the original deadline was the 28th (tomorrow), but it's been extended a bit, so I figured I could be lazy and wait an extra day to post it.

Original lineart with 0.5mm mechanical pencil, final version with Photoshop.

Design (c) 2006 Megan Gregory/SnBMeg
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