Death And Life Depart Picture

After my last Magent Drawing, I got an itching to draw the real (you know...for mythology characters) Persephone and Hades, whom I totally ship.

I guess...this picture takes place at the end of winter, during which time Hades must return Persephone to her mother, Demeter, and live without her til summer ends. As happy as Persephone is to be reunited with her mother and go back from the dead place (she's the daughter of the goddess of the harvest and pretty much of plants in general...she thrives on life), she knows she will miss Hades, and they have their tearful goodbyes.

Ignore his hand, please. I...have no idea what happened. xD

time: 4 hours
program: sai
music: i talk to the rain (from tsubasa chronicles), in my arms - plumb.
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