Undertoe, The. Picture

It is for the best that the North Wind and the Maiden of the Sea share infrequent company.

He is known to spell disaster
Across her daring bone strucutre.
She woos unwary sailors in his absence.

He once warmed her skin and soul,
Finding her ready, willing and impulsive.
In his fitful bouts, her ocean scours her: irresolute.

Her eyes hold twenty thousand leagues,
But they could not hold him.
For, wish as he may, he is incapable of stillness.

He carries spiced tales of her beauty
Over many a rolling countryside.
But, wish as she might, she cannot follow.

The North Wind could lift the Maiden of the sea on his updrafts,
Take her farfarfar from this place.
They could journey together to lands unseen.

The thing is, though,
When you don't want the wish,
You can't

Have the wish.

(you wish to-night)

Collab with *londonrey. Her poem, my art.
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