Myths and Monsters - Jubokko Picture

Spawn: Spawns rarely in Forest biomes

Description: Jubokko are youkai trees from Japanese mythology. They grow in former battlefields where many people had died, gaining their nutrients through the blood that soaked into the ground during the battle. When humans come close to it, it captures them with its branches and drains them of their blood. It is said that if you were to cut the bark of a Jubokko, blood would trickle out.

Jubokko are more of a structure rather than a mob. They spawn rarely in Forest biomes, usually in clearings in the trees. Around the Jubokko in a 10 block radius, the grass gains a dark red tint. If you stand within this radius you health is slowly drained at a rate slightly slower than if you were poisoned; this effect will continue until you die, leave the area of effect, or destroy the main block of the tree.

The main block of the tree can be told apart from the rest as it has a face on one side; destroying this block will remove the health draining effect and the grass around the tree will lose its dark red tint. Mining the remaining wood blocks will yield Cursed Wood, which can then be turned into Cursed Wood Planks (bottom right). The wood, when placed, does not have the same effect as the original Jubokko, acting instead like normal wood blocks.

If a player dies because of the health draining while in the Jubokko’s area of effect, a Jubokko sapling (bottom left) is placed on the block on which they died. This sapling will eventually grow into a full Jubokko if given adequate space, and will have the same effect.

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