Aphrodite's Fading Beauty Picture

This is the second piece for my recent series: Greek Goddesses.
It's been sitting on my pendrive for a while and today I got the chance to give it the last touches.

Aphrodite: the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Myrtle, doves, sparrows, horses and swans were said to be sacred to her. Aphrodite is also known as Cytherea (Lady of Cythera) and Cypris (Lady of Cyprus) after the two cult sites, Cythera and Cyprus, which claimed to be her place of birth. Her attributes are dolphins, rose, Scallop Shell, myrtle, dove, sparrow, girdle, mirror and swan.

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model by DanielleFioreModel [Venus Stock 5]
sea by raindroppe [Beach 31]
sky by SkyStockProvider [Golden Sky]
rose petals by frozenstocks [Petal Rain 02]
glass by EverythingIsInStock Cracked Glass Texture I
broken glass tutorial by AbbeyMarie [Broken Glass Tutorial]
wave brushes by redheadstock [Water Photoshop Brushes]
glass particles by zigabooooo [Debris Brush Set]

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